The Montessori Method And Biography Of Maria Montessori

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The Montessori Method was a method developed by an Italian philosopher, Maria Montessori which was developed in the year of 1897. The Montessori Method was an emphasis on emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development. This indicated that a child was able to learn in a way that suits the child best, and is allowed to learn how they would like; along with the guidance of a teacher to ensure that the child would stay on task and/or topic.
Maria, born on August 31, 1870, was born into a middle class family with two well-educated parents for this time period. Her father, Alessandro Montessori, was a civil servant and a previous soldier and her mother, Renilde Stoppani, was an avid reader and well-educated. She followed in their footsteps as she later became well educated as she took time for her studies and picked up on the topic of which was being taught rather quickly; and would do well on exams. She later applied to the University of Rome, and was not admitted due to her gender. She changed her major and instead went to the university to study physics, mathematics and natural sciences. After doing exceptionally well on her exams, making and 8 out of 10, she was admitted into the University of Rome with a 137 out of 150 for a score and began studying medicine. Her father didn’t approve of a women studying medicine, which would be something that particularly a man would do. Not having her father’s approval or exception of studying medicine, little communication went between Maria and her father. However her mother, unlike her father, was very proud and often helped with studies. After graduating college in 1886, she attended Regio Instituto Tecnico Leonardo da Vinci where she studied modern languages and natural sciences. It wasn’t until 1887, that Maria Montessori began having thoughts of the Montessori Method. Also in 1887, Maria enrolled into the University of Rome as a volunteer staff; as she had found herself becoming interested in cooking and needlepoint. While working as volunteer staff, she was given a job proposal of being a professor at the University of Rome. Maria accepted, however later gave the job up due to her instead, working with 60 young children from employed families. She loved working and helping children in need and later came to the Montessori Method and believed that children were the future.
“Within the child lies the fate of the future.”
- Maria Montessori
The Montessori Method was developed in 1887 by Maria Montessori. The idea of the method was to emphasize a child’s independence, freedom with limits, and respect for the child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development. The basis of the method was to allow a child to learn in a way that allows them to learn to the best of their ability and to allow a child to work independently and learn on a topic...

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