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The Moon, one of the most fascinating creations of God. It is very different and similar to the Earth, and through these questions, the similarities and differences are shown. What are the phases of the Moon, what is the crust made of, what are the rocks on the Moon made of, is there any ice, and is the Moon moving away from the Earth? Although it looks so plain, the Moon is the most studied object in space, and seems to be the most fascinating thing.The Moon orbits around the Earth and that causes phases. This means that the illuminated part of the moon changes. The Moon needs 29.5 days to go from the stages New Moon to another New Moon. However, 2.8 days before that the Moon does a complete orbit around the earth. The Earth will travel 45 million miles until the Moon does a complete orbit around Earth. A New Moon cannot be seen, but a quarter and full Moon can be seen. The reason why a New Moon cannot be seen is because the sun will be behind it and that eliminates the moon from the sky.A strange little phrase is used to describe the ice on the moon, "Lunar ice." Kenneth Watson, Bruce C. Murray, and Harrison Brown came up with a very persuading theory that there is ice on the moon. The reason for their believe that ice exists is because there are many craters that are constantly in shadow and that the sun will never shine there. This means that the temperature on the moon is between 40 to 50 degrees Kelvin, these "cold traps" could keep the ice so frozen that nothing would escape to space.The moon has a very thin crust; it is about 68 km to 107 km thick. Under the crust is a mantle and it could be possible that the moon has a small core. The mantle for the moon is different compared to the Earth's mantle, the moon's mantle is only molten, and the Earth's mantle is hard solid rock, and even the type of rocks in the mantle are different. The moon's crust is not very similar to the earth but is still classified in the same way.The gravitational attraction between the Earth and the Moon acts as a brake on the rotation of both Earth and Moon. The Earth's spin has gradually slowed; its 24-hour day is getting still longer. The smaller Moon has been slowed down even more. It now rotates once every 27 days, which is how long it takes the Moon to complete one...

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