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The Moons Of Jupiter The Rebirth Of Perspective

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The Moons of Jupiter. The Planetarium. The rebirth of perspective.SEBASTIAN NOVOA GAM LETRAS INGLESAS, COLEGIO DE LETRAS MODERNAS.There are things in life that show us the delicate particles in which we are all formed. Amazing discoveries that unite the hearts of the human race in a very common "Awe" . The very molecules that surround us create a change in the choices that we make; in this sense of amazement the human race has lost its ability to wonder, the world is going so fast, so precisely calculated that we miss most of the details, the important details, the moment we blink or the moment we turn up the radio. In this precisely calculated world we are being taught that facts cannot change. But what if something could gave us back these seconds that we lose every day, what if within a moment of "Awareness" we could be something else; what if for a brief and tender moment the light of millions of stars crashed upon our faces and we could travel to endless spheres of life and light; what if for a moment we could become the "Awe". What if for one moment we could ignore the fact that facts cannot change. A brief holy moment in which infinity means: change of PERSPECTIVE.This is what Alice Munro is trying to show us in one of the last parts of this short story. How this moment of infinity inside a planetarium can make you question the facts that you take for granted, that you so humbly accept and comply with.Alice Munro manages to explain this rebirth of perspective to her audience in the most soothing way that anyone can handle; firstly she focuses in the way that we humans don't pay attention to what's in front of us, instead we operate in an automatized process just finding that "one thing" that keeps us busy. These "automatized way of living" is one of the most substantial complications of the modern generations. By giving us something to distract ourselves with, we are detaching ourselves not only from the calamities of our day-to-day life but we are justifying them. War, terror, disease, death, words that nowadays bear an unsubstantial weight in the minds of the people that hear them, words that every single human is acquainted with, but bears no resemblance towards them. Munro's, by means of her own personal memoir, is pointing out up to what point we are being dragged by...

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