The Morality Of Using Nazi Research

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On September 1, 1939, the Second World War began. Nazi Germany infiltrated many nations, increasing their domination over Europe. While the Nazi’s gained power, they came across many issues that withheld them from achieving their full potential and fighting their best. The Nazi’s are infamous for being cruel people, but some may leave out that they were also researchers and innovators. They conducted many experiments to try to find the cause, effect, and solution to problems they faced while at war, although it was in an inhumane way. If all the data recorded from these medical experiments had not been derived through sadistic and torturous methods, the science documented would not be seen as unethical to use in modern times. Their research was centered on the creation of pharmaceuticals, how to solve medical problems in the military, and how races differ. The data from those experiments are rarely used, but when they are, they lead to condemnation.
Many people are unaware that some of the items they use today are associated with Nazi experimentation. This includes some of the medicines they take. Pharmaceutical companies have derived most of their information and studies from data collected by Nazis’ experiments. Companies, such as Bayer, BASF, and Hoechst originated with the use of the material from these experiments (Wells). Bayer is known throughout the world, it produced aspirin, a drug used widely for pain. They also introduced heroin, other synthetic drugs, as well as pesticides. The effects of these drugs are detrimental to one’s health. A study shows that Bayer pesticides are more hazardous and contain more GMO’s than MONSANTO (“Bayer”). MONSANTO is known for its high levels of GMO’s which causes many mutations in insects and plants. Many people are unaware of the origins of these chemicals and drugs, and they are widely used throughout the world. The creation of these drugs required many people to die and suffer through various experimentations. This is an example of how some companies have no morals when designing certain products. Pharmaceuticals are seen as unethical by many because of its origins and negative effects on people.
Thousands of people died through the experimentation of the Nazi’s, leading many people to believe that we should honor and respect those deceased by not using the information gathered in experimentation. On the other hand, others believe that we should honor the victims by doing so, that way the victims’ pain and suffering would not have been for nothing. Many of the research done by the Nazi’s began as a way to look for solutions to medical issues in the military. Under the authority of Heinreich Himmler, a Nazi military commander, scientists and doctors were ordered to gain knowledge on wartime conditions, justifying their actions by claiming it was a "military necessity" (Cohen). They gathered information on hypothermia trying to find a solution in case a German pilot crashed and landed in the...

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