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The Moratorium March Essay

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I. Introduction and Historical Context
On November 15, 1969, the Moratorium March against the Vietnam War commenced in Washington D.C. Pacifists and peace administrators carried banners which stated, ”A Calvinist for peace, No more war, We want peace now,” and some carried placards bearing the name of soldiers that had died during the war (Leen). The placards that had names of fallen soldiers were first used on November 13, 1969 during the protest called “March against Death.” Two days after this protest, the “Moratorium March” began. This was a massive march that consisted of over 500,000 demonstrators including pacifists, activists, college students and other organizations that ...view middle of the document...

II. The Moratorium March Event Overview and Analysis
The leaders of the Moratorium March had hoped that they could get the U.S. administrators and President Nixon to change their Military tactics (War Protests). Search-and- destroy missions were used as one of the military tactics, created by General William Westmoreland. The idea was to search the enemy and to destroy them immediately before the enemy attacks. The My Lai massacre is a great example of a search and destroy mission, where American soldiers killed between 200 and 500 unarmed villagers in My Lai at Westmoreland’s command. Their purpose was to kill guerilla fighters, but instead they brutally took the lives of innocent civilians (My Lai Massacre).
Before the Vietnam War began, communism was already threatening governments across the globe. Americans believed that containing communist aggression in South Vietnam was crucial, thus the United States commenced the Vietnam War. As the war continued, Americans grew increasingly wary of mounting casualties and escalating costs. Instead of the military consuming money from the Great Society, Americans believed that the government and the military should have used the funds wisely for social programs, such as welfare and housing for the poor. The small anti-war movement grew into an unstoppable force as the alarming truths about the war were revealed (“The Antiwar Movement”).
According to the article, “War Protests” from UPI, during a confrontation with President Nixon, a journalist asked Nixon about his thoughts about the demonstrator’s goal to end the Vietnam War. President Nixon then replied, “Now, I understand that there has been, and continues to be, opposition to the war in Vietnam on the campuses and also in the nation… however under no circumstances will I be affected whatever by it” (War Protests). A blunt and outspoken comedian, Dick Gregory, then answered the president, “Last month the President of the United States said nothing you young kids would do would have any effect on him. Well, I suggest to the President of...

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