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The More I Counsel, The Better I Write

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I have written many different kinds of essays for different purposes, and I make progress one step a time by accumulating experience. Every article I make effort on can teach me how to write in a better and proper way. After writing so much, I find that counseling is the key to progress. Counseling can inspire me of new concepts, help me reconstruct my essay and correct errors that I may not notice. The process of editing my college application essay made me aware of the importance of counseling, and after that I started to ask others for counseling when I wrote articles.
When I was wondering what I should write for my personal statement, I went to school advisor in order to get some ...view middle of the document...

Besides the afflatus given by my advisor, he also offered me diverse suggestions to improve the structure and the content. I made more than five drafts for this personal statement so as to make sure everything was correct. Since I am not a native speaker, writing a long essay in English is a challenge for me. Lack of vocabulary makes me not able to write what I really want to write. Lack of structure knowledge makes my essay messy and hard to understand. With the help of advisor, I got much information of choosing proper personal stories which occupied most of my essay. My advisor gave me feedbacks by asking me questions so that I can follow his guidance but on my own perspectives. For instance, he asked me, “Why do you think that knowing the lyrics of songs was crucial?” He told me that since I was writing about myself, all I needed to do was to be as direct as possible. He said, “You may think your readers can understand what you are implying, but the fact is they cannot. They cannot think as the way you think.” Then I added some sentences about my different feelings of listening the same song with the knowledge of the lyrics or not to explain everything clearer. He also suggested me to write several stories with a few sentences instead of one story for one paragraph because the more stories I mentioned, the closer connection with music could be felt. Having received so much support, I knew how to edit and revise my essay, not only for my college application essay but also for any other writing I would encounter. Hence, I find counseling is very...

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