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The Mormon religion was started by a man named Joseph Smith. Joseph's family had different beliefs about what Church was the correct one, and so one day he went into the forest to ask G-d which church he should join. He then claims to have had a vision of G-d, telling him that he shouldn't join either Church. Three years later, Joseph was visited by an angel named Moroni, who told him about a record of G-d's relationship with another group of people. He was told to go and find the records. Joseph found 3 thin gold plates, and with the help of G-d, he was able to translate them into English. What he translated became known as the Book of Mormon.The Mormon religion is also known as the Church of Latter-Day Saints. The religion is based on the writings in the Book of Mormon. The Mormons believe that everyone is a child of G-d's. They believe that G-d is really a person who was perfect, and so he became G-d, and that he does have a physical body. They believe in3 stages of life: A before-life which is spent with G-d in heaven, a time on earth, and an eternal afterlife in heaven. They also believe in baptizing dead non-Mormon ancestors, so that they can be forgiven for their sins.Marriage is also an important part of the Mormon religion. The Mormons believe that the purpose of marriage is to have children and teach them how to live while on earth. They believe that marriage and family is forever, and that families will meet in heaven and live forever. Unmarried people can't reach the highest level of heaven. Another Mormon practice was polygamy. At first Mormons were skeptical about marrying more than once, but Brigham Young proclaimed that people who didn't have more than one marriage could not reach the highest level of heaven. The Church doesn't allow polygamy anymore now, and excommunicates anyone who does, although there are some who still practice it.The practice of polygamy and other Mormon beliefs weren't liked by other people. The original Mormon headquarters were in Missouri, but because of the intolerance of others, they were persecuted and caused a lot of violence. Eventually, the governor kicked them out. The Mormons moved to Nauvoo, Illinois, and got a charter that allowed them to be completely separate, with their own militia, court, and laws. Many converts came to Nauvoo, making it one of the biggest cities, which caused jealousy among the other cities. Then one day Joseph Smith ordered the suppression of everyone who disagreed with their Church. This made people angry, and Joseph called on the militia to protect Nauvoo. Illinois officials then arrested Joseph and his brother. An angry mob broke into the prison and murdered them. The Mormon people chose Brigham Young to be their new leader. They couldn't stay in Nauvoo, so they had to find a new place to live....

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