The Morning After Pill Essay

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Unintended pregnancy continues to be a growing argument in the United States. There are many young women and female that is faced with unintended pregnancies. Many have to decide whether to keep their pregnancy or end their pregnancy. The most common method used to terminate an unintended pregnancy is by an abortion. However, many females and especially teenagers are not aware of another method used to prevent an unintended pregnancy called Emergency Contraception (EC). This paper will explore unintended pregnancy, EC, pro-emergency contraception and anti-emergency contraception opinions.
There are many females of childbearing age that have become pregnant unintentionally in the United States. As a result, many have developed a sexual transmitted disease (STD). This may have occurred due to engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse, improper use of contraception, failed contraception or sexual assault. The rates of unintended pregnancies are high and occur in all age groups. It is important to understand that unintended pregnancies can have a negative impact on the mother and baby. Stress, related to unintended pregnancies can affect emotional, social, economic and family dynamics. First, a mother is less likely to seek prenatal care during an unintended pregnancy. Pre-pregnancy health problems may go untreated, the mother may experience pregnancy related health problems such ectopic pregnancy and other maternal health problems (Reducing unintended, 2005).
Second, the mother and family may experience psychological problems such as depression and anxiety. An unintended pregnancy can also prove to be detrimental for the infant as well. In the first year, an infant is at high risk for low birth weight, abuse and death (Reducing unintended, 2005). As mentioned, many unintended pregnancies are ended through abortion without regard to life. It is important for females of childbearing age to be aware of a...

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