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The Morning Squeeze Essay

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Every morning, millions of Americans lie half awake in a mild sleep paralysis with the sound of an alarm clock raging in the distance. This sharp annoying tone does nothing to evoke any action in this zombie like state. Acknowledging this preprogrammed sound has two consequences; the first is getting out of our comfy beds and the second, is accepting the start of another work day. As we slowly regain a coherent state of mind and our vision comes into focus we make the journey to the chilled arena of liquids, the refrigerator. This storage container of fuel gives us our needed morning replenishment of substances to get us through the next few hours before lunch. This is where the first dilemma of the day unfolds, the epic sunrise battle of orange juice versus milk. Which beverage will reign supreme and be chosen to be the king of the morning squeeze?
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k.a. milk. This creamy morning favorite comes from the udders of grass fed dairy cows and has been the star of calcium advertisements for decades. Calcium is the essential element needed for healthy bones and cardiac function. The dairy industry for generations has showcased milk as the only choice for bathing cereal. Milk brings the perfect pairing of cold and creamy with the sweet crunch of many popular breakfast cereals.
These morning beverages have surprisingly many similarities, which make them prime contenders for supermarket shelves. Each originates from fields across America and each requires production with an act of squeezing to unleash the concentrated flow of its liquids. In every grocery shelf weight division, orange juice and milk battle it out to win market profits for each of their manufacturing sponsors. Both of these liquid power houses are contained in a variety of similar sized packages. Ranging from small individual pints for an on the go refreshment to large gallon jugs for family consumption at home. They share similar pricing across all shapes and are located on the same competitive supermarket aisle to fit every persons needs.
At the same time these two are the polar opposite of each other. One would be unbearable in place of the other. Orange juice would make a poor substitute for milk in cereal, as milk would make an irritable replacement for those allergic to dairy. Milk in its natural state is high in saturated fats, while orange juice has a high level of acidity. Each has their share of allergenic critics that prefer to steer clear of any confrontations for fear of an unpleasant, sometimes embarrassing, reaction. The only time these two come together in harmony is frozen and blended, to form the delicious orange cream smoothie. Therefore, predicting the winner of this morning bout would be as hard as forecasting the outcome of this evening’s grand event between hamburger and pizza, no one knows the winner. Whichever beverage is the victor, we will be certain to have a rematch on its hands within the next twenty four hours. May the winner be consumed in a tall glass, without spillage, and at the proper recommended chilled temperature.

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