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The Moscow Theater Hostage Crisis Essay

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On 23rd of October 2002, around 9.15 PM a group of men and women arrived at the Dubrovka Theather in Moscow. These new arrivers were extremely well trained armed fighters who took 979 hostages during the popular Nord-Ost musical. They had the potential to kill all and were ready to sacrifice themselves to give Russia and the whole world a message with almost impossible demands. This paper will be analysing the events that took place from the negotiations perspective, and also the negotiability of the situation. Before jumping to conclusions it is perhaps better to give information about the incident.
Day 1
On October 23, 2002 a group of armed ...view middle of the document...

A journalist suggested them to say their demands on television, hostage takers were fond of the idea. To express their demands live, hostage takers released seventeen more hostages.
In return a public announcement was made, the Russian Government assured that they will not storm the buildin unless they start to kill. If all the hostages were to be released unharmed, the government told that they will let the terrorists to flee to any third country. Although the first part of the announcement decreased the tension, the second part of it the gunmen felt insulted. Usually offering a get away ends horrible situations in barricade hostage incidents, but this did not work for a group of people who were practicing this moment for months and ready for martyrdom, so hostage takers were provoked by this idea.
Chechen’ s living in Moscow were called out to go to the theather and try to influence the terrorists. But this also did not turn out well, because Chechens were offering themselves as substitute hostages. This clearly builded up the tension.
Gunmen decided to release foreigners by saying “We are starting negotiations this morning. This is our war not yours.” After their intention was made public, they gave seven days to Russia to withdraw all of the troops from Chechenya, this was their first demand. Chechens wanted to hand foreigners over to the representatives of their countries, because the diplomats failed to arrive on time this deal was broken. As some time passed the terrorists demanded to speak with Red Cross, Doctors without Borders and journalist Anna Politkovskaya, politicians Irina Khakamada and Boris Nemtsov. A politician went into the theather with Red Cross doctors and negotiate with terrorists, in short time some people were set free. Then

Khakamada went in, she was unable to make them release more hostages because terrorists stated that they released everyone that could have been released.
A video recorded by Chechen terrorists, showing the needs and reasons of this incident, was leaked. A female hostage takers words are as follows;
We have been waiting for a humanitarian solution, but humanity is living in a state of slumber and does not care about killing of innocent people. Old men, women, children are being killed in Chechenya...The Russian occupiers have flooded our land with our childrens blood. Therefore we have chosen this path of struggle for our peoples freedom. Each of us is willing to sacrifice himself fot the sake of god and the independence of Chechenya. I swear by god that we are more keen on dying than you are on living.
Day 3
Doctors were allowed to supply medicine, reporters were interviewing hostage takers and hostages. Group leader decided to release a group of people if the interviews would be on television. Once more it was declared that foreigners were going to be released, unfortunately again the deal was off. The reason for that was the Russians, diplomats were all there standing up but Russians were not...

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