The Mosque As A Symbol Of Islamic Civilization

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Isaac WatersDr. McCarverHistory IX February 1, 2008Word Count: 755The Mosque as a Symbol of Islamic CivilizationThe Mosque has been a holy place for worshipers of the Koran for centuries. The Islamic cities were soon easily identifiable by the domes and minarets of the mosques. The lack of material culture in pre-Islamic Arabia, mosques were probably not as extravagant as early Christian churches. A mosque, the equivalent of a Christian church or Jewish temple, was first modeled after the house of Muhammad. The faster the religion gained believers, the harder it was to hear everyone. During the last years of the prophet, where his chair was located became risen, so that the faithful would all be able to hear him. After the years of the death of the "seal" the sermons were now preached from here. The Mosque also had an extravagant qibla's, or the "Mecca wall." During the time of prayer people would turn to the holy city of Mecca and then pray, because that is where the Allah is. The mosque of the Islamic worshippers is key to every day life in their religion and could very well be the symbol of their religion.Every mosque has a qibla. The qibla is to make sure that you face the holy city where Kaaba is. The reason for every body to face Kaaba is to show connection between the two. Man and Allah. The bowing of heads in the Christian belief has no equivalent nor does it make since. Why pray while hiding yourself from God? The Islamic religion shows connection in-between man and lord while the Christian religion has one superior being. The reason the Islamic religion lasted so long is because it shows somewhat of an equality between men, and men and their god. Everyone on their pilgrimage to Mecca wears white, to show equality amongst their fellow man. While in the Christian belief we all go and shun our self out from God and wear whatever we choose to wear. It is true you are supposed to dress nice in the place of the lord, but nothing shows us equality with our fellow man in the religion.Muhammad was raised in Mecca surrounded by feuds of opposite religions. He was...

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