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The Most Effective Method Of Losing Body Composition

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The Most Effective Method of Losing Body Composition
Body composition is the true definition of an individual’s weight status. Scale weight alone does not necessarily mean that an individual is lean or fat compared to another individual. Lean mass (muscle) actually weighs more than fat tissue; therefore an individual with large amounts of lean mass will have an "elevated" scale weight while they are not over fat (Expert123, 2009). If an individual focus on losing weight and keep it off while at the same time trying to increase lean mass (muscle) it a much better way to lose weight and keep it off and the only way you can do it correctly is threw body composition analysis.
Body composition is divided into two separate types of mass fat-free mass which is comprised of all of the body’s non-fat tissues and body fat. Fat-free mass includes bone, water, muscle, and tissues (Scott, 2013). Fats, bones, and muscle are the main components of the body which is formally known as mine the body’s state of being lean overall. A high percentage of body fat can have a negative effect on overall well-being of an individual (Scott, 2013). Large amount of fat stored in certain places on the body it can put that person at a higher risk for disease like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypertension, cancer, increase risk heart conditions, and/or stroke. This paper will go over the most effective method of reducing body composition that was performed by individual in a 10 week period and was evaluated through multiple methods.

Literature Review
In Subramanian et al., (2013) Paper review; it is talking how childhood obesity and hypertension is becoming a worldwide epidemic. This journal article also discusses how improving physical activity is the first line of action against the poor body composition of the world's growing problem with obesity. The conclusion that Senthil Kumar Subramanian et al (2013)., came up with from the information collected was: "60 minutes of regular unstructured physical activity daily for the duration of one year can help the students to maintain their anthropometric parameters, body composition measures and cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) at par with the athletes of the same age and gender"(Subramanian et al., 2013).
The article, Cardiorespiratory fitness and abdominal adiposity in youth from Lee et al., (2006) is discussing whether or not CRF is associated with lower abdominal adiposity in youth. In Lee et al., (2006) experiment they had a total of 113 participants. 61 of the participants were African-American and the other 52 were White Americans. The results from experiment showed that, African-American youth had significantly lower CRF in comparison to White youth. (Lee et al., 2006). Also, correlation analyses revealed that in both African-American and White youth CRF was inversely and significantly related to BMI percentile, total adiposity, waist circumference, and visceral and abdominal subcutaneous AT in a similar...

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