The Most Embarrassing Day In My Life         When I Was

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The Most Embarrassing Day in My Life When I was in Form four, my school held an English elocution contest. I was really horrified when I was chosen as one of the participants.For the next few days, I searched model essay books for a suitable topic to speak on for I could never had written my own speech even if my life depended on it. Eventually, I chose a topic on pollution because at that time, everyone from the man in the street to the top ministers were talking about it. After that, I memorized the speech until I was word-perfect.Having done that, I practised delivering the speech in front of a ...view middle of the document...

Some of the contestants spoke, and I thought they were very good. However, I felt that I was better than all of them. When my turn came to speak, I wanted to stride up the stairs to the stage but my legs had turned rubbery and I could hardly walk. Somehow, I made my way up the stairs to the stage and stood in front of the microphone."A very good morning to the Chairman, my beloved Principal, teachers and fellow-pupils." I began and that was as far as I got. My next words simply refused to come out.All the beautiful words which I had stored in my memory seemed to have evaporated. My limbs were also so stiffened by fear that I could not coax them to display any gestures which I had taken so much time and effort to perfect. I could feel the audience sympathising with me but I did not want their sympathy. What I wanted was their admiration.By a tremendous effort of will, i managed to let out a sound but it turned out to be a croak because of my tense throat muscles. The audience was no longer sympathetic and it roared with laughter. I was so humiliated that I ran down the stage and out of the school hall without looking back even once.When I was home again, the speech I had memorized came out effortlessly. If only I could have spoken like that at the venue of the competition.My attempt to participate in the elocution contest was the most embarrassing moment in my life.Genevieve ( 447 words )

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