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The Most Hated Man In Town

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As a young child, he was beaten, humiliated and grew up feeling unloved and degraded. His one wish was that when he grew up, he would have many people who loved him.

The irony of life.

I had been living in Aspen, Colorado, for about six months and writing feature stories for the local newspaper. My assignment was to find interesting locals to write about.

One day while riding down Main Street, I saw a police officer directing traffic and wondered what it would be like to be a part of a famous ski resort’s police force. I ran the idea past my editor, he waved me onward. I arranged to do a ride a long and found myself in a squad car a few days later.

\I asked him about his life before Aspen and he told me about his past law enforcement experience. He then talked about his childhood and I heard a change of tone in his voice. His facial expression became sad as well. I sensed there was something else he wanted to tell me but I ...view middle of the document...

We made a date to meet the following weekend. He mentioned that what he was going to tell me could be made into a book and my heart started beating hard with excitement.

The next Sunday we met at one of Aspen’s great brunch cafe and took a table in the back. He wanted to make sure no one would overhear our chat.

We ordered brunch and he started talking slowly and deliberately.As he told his story, I noticed pain in his eyes and rage in his heart.

I asked him to tell me about his childhood as I needed to get a sense of his sense of self.

His voice became sad as told me about his dysfuncitonal childhood growing up feeling unloved, especially by his mother. His main wish for his future rolled up with the hope that he would have a lot of friends and people who loved him.

Interesting enough he created the opposite. Marc accepted an assignment that brought him to Aspen as an undercover narc, lived among the drug community for approximately 8 months and when he surfaced, he busted all the people he had been hanging out with during this time. People he did dope with, partied with and skied with.

All his time undercover, was quite lonely as he only had one contact in town who knew about his assignment and at times felt quite isolated from the world..

Aspen was a very tight knit community in those days and people of all socio economic levels interacted. Not only were the drug people incensed about what he did but he was surprised at the ill will of the straight part of the community.

In spite of all the hatred people felt toward him, he chose to stay in town and joined the Aspen Police Department.

He cleared his throat and said, “”They tried to kill me.”” It was hard for me to believe tthat could happen in this community; however, after we got into the meat of the story, I more than believed him.

Mark felt ostracizsed where ever he would go in town. People slipped drugs in his drinks when he went to bars and set him for fights. After someone tried to break into his hose, he began sleeping with a gun under his bed.

I wondered why he chose to stay and of course, he wasnt going to let “”those scumbags”” run him out of town.

I thought here is a man who wanted not much more in life than to be loved and respected by people and, yet, he took on an assignment which rendered The Most Hated Man In Town.


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