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The Most Import Dynasty For China History

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The most import dynasty for China history - Qin dynastyQin dynasty in the history of China has the largest and most profound influence. Although, Qin dynasty was just the short time period for the China history which just have 15 years, but in this 15 years Qin created and become to be the empire. The king of Qin dynasty who called Qin Shi Huang, he was the first emperor to unified China. Before Qin Shi Huang to unified China, China was during the warring state period. In this period, it has lots of big and small country in there. For the big country, it have seven main country which are Qin, Chu, Yan, Zhan, Wei, Qi and Han. As time goes on, the country of Qin become to the super power in the warring state period. Through the war, the country of Qin was defeated all other countries and Qin unified China. In this period, the country of Qin becomes to super power and they just being the first dynast to unified China because it have appropriate reforms. Qin dynasty was carried on reforms and it is relate to lots of areas, Such as political, culture and social reforms. For the political reform, the country of Qin access to Shang Yang's idea to carried on the reform. Culture reform was the most important for the China history because Qin Shi Huang were let the currency and script to been unified. Social reform cans helpful Qin Shi Huang to have more power than it will let him easier to control whole country. So he was carried on a system which called the centralism system. Those of reforms were not only let Qin dynasty become to the empire, but also to help Qin dynasty become to the most important part even it just have short period time in the China history.For the police reform, the most important reform was the reform of Lord Shang. Lord Shang was the person who helped the king to handling files and daily affairs, "Shang Yang was senior minister of the state of Ch'in in the fourth century B.C (Handelman, 1995, P264). So this is why the king of Qin believes of Lord Shang and think he was talent, then the king supported to Lord Shang to carry on his reform. It was a very successful reform because it helped the Qin from the big country become to the super power in the Warring states time. The reform first was changed the aristocracy hierarchy and changed to distribution of the land, "Based on the legalism philosophy, in 350 B.C lord Shang Yang created a new aristocracy hierarchy of eighteen degrees for the Qin state. The honorary titles were bestowed in recognition of military exploits or meritorious service to the state" (Mayhew, 2012, P408). It was change the benefit of aristocrat because before the reform, each aristocratic can have a certain number of land. No matter the aristocrat have any contribution to the country or not, because they were aristocrat so they have their own land. Opposite for the other people who cannot belong to aristocrat, even they get the military exploit to the country and become to the generals. Those people still cannot...

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