The Most Important Discovery Of All Time, Agriculture

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There are several important innovations, inventions and discoveries that are important to human history and advancement. I believe agriculture is the most important discovery. Agriculture is among one of the earliest human innovations, and it established the foundation for all new and improved ways of living. Agriculture led to the settled life. After the discovery of agriculture, changes in technology and culture enhanced the quality of life. Agriculture continues to play a big role in our lives today through continuous discovery and new developments to help continue making the world a better place. .
Paleolithic people used hunting and gathering techniques to provide their food. Nearly everybody devoted much time to gathering plants for food or to hunting or fishing. They had no time for other actives other than what was necessary to survive. These ancient people were constantly moving and changing (Kagan, Ozment, & Turner 2010). Agriculture, the new way of providing food and other raw materials, developed slowly, but when the food and raw materials became more abundant, man no longer needed to roam.
Excavated plant fragments found in an archaeological site in Syria dated back to 11,000 BC. Microscopic examinations determined whether these plants were wild or domesticated (Fagan 2004). Produce had to be stored as well as seeds for future cultivation. Archaeologists have uncovered prehistoric granaries dating back to 10,000 BC (Fagan 2004). Key dates of domesticated plants are 11,000 BC for rye in Syria, barley from 9,000 BC in Turkey, rice in China, squash in Mexico and potatoes in Andes from 7,500 BC, and maize in Mexico from 4,200 BC. Sheep and goats were also domesticated around this time period (Fagan 2004).
“Ten thousand years ago, at the edge of the spring-fed oasis at Jericho, the world changed forever,” Bruce Smith 1995 (Fagan 2004). People used their new leisure to do other things. People began to observe, to think, to experiment. They made a variety of goods such as game boards, looms, woven garments, cosmetics, gold jewelry and paddle longboats. Cats and dogs were domesticated. Tool and weaponry became more advanced. Bronze, copper, gold and metal smelting was discovered. Fire for landscape management was developed. Town walls and rectangular dwelling were built. People practiced mummification (Fagan, 2004). Agriculture produced an increase in population, the emergence of, villages, towns, cities, and trading of goods (Kagan, Ozment, & Turner 2010). This all occurred between 10,000 BC and 5,000 BC. Man’s mind increased leading us all to the beginning of science, art, and government, the foundation of modern civilization, education.
Today agriculture is very innovative. Genetic engineering of crops to aid in world hunger and clean burning fuel are two of today’s agricultural innovations. “The commercial adoption...

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