The Most Important Issues Related To Unemployment And The Factors Leading To Increased Unemployment In Bhutan

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Unemployment can be defined as one of the alarming issues as it has played its toil in enshrouding the nations with its disastrous consequences. It has now presumably become a trend to hear the declination of employment in Bhutan because of the fact of Bhutanese opting for the white collar jobs (Wangchuk, 2012). Therefore, this essay will attempt to depict the devastating outcomes related to unemployment on the individuals, poverty and on the socio- political situation, and the factors such as mismatch of skills and expectations, job preferences and lack of entrepreneurship among the Bhutanese youth that bring an upsurge in the number of unemployment rate in Bhutan.
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In such situation where people have no jobs may undoubtedly tend to resort to crimes such as robbery, murdering and rape. This can accelerate towards the occurrence of chaos and disorder in any society.
The third issue related to unemployment can be an upsurge in the number of conflicts on socio- political situations which can result from civil unrest. It can further lead to revolution, and particularly totalitarianism (Unemployment,2012). The fall of the Weimer Republic in 1933 and Adolf Hitler’s rise to power are the instances which were arisen as a result of high unemployment rate of above 20% (Unemployment, 2012).
The factor leading to increased unemployment in Bhutan is mismatch of skills and expectations (Chhetri, 2011, p.3). The education that the Bhutanese education provides does not equip Bhutanese youth for the qualities that the labor market demands. Most of the Bhutanese sectors both private and government also reasonably recruit the experienced persons for the available vacancy or vacancies which tends to disregard the abundant youth because they do not tend to meet the expected skills outlined by these sectors. Hence, more experienced senior Bhutanese are recruited for the available vacancies and the youth are considerably overlooked.
The other factor can be considerably job preferences. As Mr. Pema Wangda, the then secretary of the Ministry of Labor and Human resources points out, “There are opportunities, but youth want their choice of job. But when the job is unavailable they stay idle, thus adding up the unemployment rate” (Choden, August 14, 2011). In order to make the statement more realistic on August 14, 2011 the Prime Minister and the minister of Labor and Human Resources apprised the Bhutanese graduates that there are innumerable opportunities and that they should not be too selective and told the graduates to make the best use of the opportunities that tend to be available in Bhutan respectively. Bhutanese also tend to opt for the white collar jobs which in turn lead to self coercion of ignoring the white collar jobs even if the jobs tend to be available abundantly.
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