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The Most Important Language In The World

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The world in present day is centered on technological advances and developing ways to make common processes more efficient. Both of these components can be related back to how far society has evolved the computer. On a more specific level, the smarter a computer can be, and the more tasks it can perform determine how much evolution has taken place. To get a computer to complete more commands in a timely manner, a program must be written in a specific computer language to give the computer instructions about how to accomplish the desired command. Very similar to human languages, computer programs maintain many different languages; Java, C++, Python, C, Pascal, PostScript, or RedCode to name a few. Naturally debates emerge over what language is the best. One of the most popular debated topics is whether to use the Python language or the C++ language. Overall, C++ provides a greater variety of use, ensures a more optimistic future for computer problem solving, and is also the ideal language for a large majority of academic incorporation, qualities no other computer language, including Python, can compete with.
One of the most glorious attributes to the C++ language is its object oriented programming. This allows the person writing the program to create a virtual object that has features that change in simultaneously because all the features all dependent on each other. This is opposed to a procedural approach to command the computer to take. Object oriented programming opens up the door to an enormous range of actions a program can complete. All modern computers depend on C++ because their operating systems are written in C++. The operating system is the base of the computer and the most important program weaved into the memory of the CPU. Other languages, such as Python, do not have the option to create objects when writing the program. This severely limits its capabilities and eliminates itself as a possibility to use when writing very complex programs. Because of this, C++ upholds a vital advantage over Python, no matter if Python is easier to learn or manipulate, C++ well worth the extra time to study. The idea of C++ having more complex capabilities also provides a bright road ahead for new answers to problems.
As history explicitly demonstrates, the older the world gets, the more intricate the problems get. To counter this, tools need to be utilized that can handle problems now as well as future problems. C++ is an example of this kind of tool. Since this language has such an immense depth, every problem it is solving at this point in time is not its limit. C++ has the potential to handle problems later in time, more demanding problems. Bjarne Stroustrup describes the dilemma of contrasting computer...

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