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The Most Profitable Markets In Amazon

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Earnings of Amazon Associates are based in two things: the quantity of sales and the category of the products you are selling. Obviously, the more you can sell, the more you’ll earn. But if you want to play it a little smarter than that, then you should also take into account which markets are the most profitable in Amazon.

Profitability Based On Advertising Fees

At present, here is a list of the percentage you’ll earn from the products you’re able to sell to your market.

Magazines - 25%
Game Downloads Products and Amazon Instant Video - 10%
Industrial products together with all other items from Amazon Supply - 8%
Products from - 8%
Redeemable gift cards from - 6%
MP3 products sold on - 5%
Grocery - 4%
Gift cards that can’t be redeemed on - 4%
Electronic products - 4%
Ideally speaking, you will earn more from selling magazines on to your market. However, you also need to consider ...view middle of the document...

Are they the type that people will need to buy regularly? Are there new products being introduced regularly in your chosen category as well? All these will determine whether you should concentrate on finding new unique users regularly or you’d be able to earn comfortably from regular customers alone.


Last but not the least; you need to focus on what you’d be most interested in talking about and selling. People won’t bother checking out your blog or website if they realize that all you’re after is their money. They also want to see that you care and it’s why you’re promoting to them items that you truly recommend.

A perfect example of this is how book bloggers can earn a comfortable income as an Amazon Associate. Through book reviews, they’re able to prove that they really did enjoy a book and even give reasons why they recommend the product. Also, their reviews serve as proof that they do know what they’re talking about and are worth listening to.

Top Links to Help You Find the Most Profitable Categories in Amazon

Finally, a quick visit to the homepage will give you additional clues on what’s raking in the dollars for its Associates at present.

Bestseller list – This primarily concerns books or eBooks sold in It can help you choose the genres that you should concentrate most about when reviewing and selling Amazon titles.
Top Rated – These products do not necessarily have the most number of reviews, but they definitely have the most number of positive ratings. These are the most reliable products to sell – as long as you can access the market they’re targeting.

Hot New Products – These “newly arrived” products can start a trend. Tap into it early and you could be a pioneer in its category.

Movers & Shakers – Something “big” is happening with these products, and it’s making them zoom up to the top of their category’s bestselling lists.

Most Gifted – Finding out why so many people love giving them away can be the first step to enjoying your first earnings as an Amazon Associate.

Most Wished For – Your dilemma lies in finding a way to convince buyers to get these products off their wish lists and into their virtual shopping carts.

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