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The Most Significant Aspect Of Roosevelt’s Presidency And The New Deal

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The Most Significant Aspect of Roosevelt’s Presidency and the New Deal

In this essay I shall first of all weigh up all the different aspect’s
of Roosevelt’s Presidency and the New Deal and finally come about a
conclusion as to what was the most significant aspect. However I am
going to begin by looking at how his government was different to that
of his predecessors, then I shall look at the immediate affects of hi
government, then what other changes influenced his government and
finally what long term affects his government had.

In this section I shall look at the difference between Roosevelt’s
style of governing as opposed to the Republic government that came
before him. I shall first look at Roosevelt’s most radical aspect of
his politics, his ideas.

From 1920 to 1932 the Republican government had many different ideas
for how the country should be run compared to Roosevelt’s economic
ideas. The government of 1920-1932, the Republican’s believed in
leaving the country to run itself with the least amount of
interference. This method of politics is called “Laissez-Faire,” this
expression is French and translates roughly to “let it be”. The
governments of the 1920’s were all Republican’s so they all governed
the country basically the same. The Republican’s thought that big
company’s and natural resources would just create wealth for the
country and that the government would not have to do anything because
the American public were doing it for them. An example of the
government not interfering in the economy is hire purchase and
corporate advertising; the government had little to say in these

When Roosevelt became president a lot of what was happening had to
change otherwise America could have fallen into a state of dis-repair
due to the Great Depression and Wall Street Crash. So Roosevelt knew
that something had to change, and that was the previous ideas of
“Laissez-Faire” were clearly not working. Roosevelt changed this and
began to use a policy of “Interventionism”. This meant that Roosevelt
and his government would become more involved in how the economy grew
and they could intervene to change the direction of the economy at any
time. They wouldn’t leave it to late like their predecessors.
Roosevelt was using the ideas of an English man named John Maynard
Kaynes. Roosevelt could control by seeing when the economy had grown
enough and when it had he could increase taxes and cut government
spending to recuperate their loses, lost by building up the economy.
But if the economy begins to fall he would lower taxes to boost the
economy, as increasing taxes when the public are in a dire state only
makes the situation worse by depriving them of what money they have.

Although a lot of the government’s ideas were new and different some
were only slightly different....

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