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The Moths Response Essay

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This short story by Helena Maria Viramontes, she is portraying symbolism in the moths, the sun, and the growth the granddaughter went through into releasing her resentment. Towards the end of the story, the moths came out through Abuelita’s mouth, while being in the bath tub, fluttering into the light. This represented rebirth and liberation in the Abuelita’s soul because in the story, the granddaughter states that Abuelita would tell her about the moths within the soul and slowly eating the spirit up. Therefore, by the moths within her soul escaping and fluttering to the light, it represented more than just Abuelita dying. The moths represented her soul finally at peace. In addition, the moths were also a healing remedy because how she would use the moth wings, during the beginning of the story, to her granddaughter’s hand to shape them and making her feel more confident about her “bull hands.” Abuelita’s soul was portrayed as moths in the sense of freedom, spirituality, and being able to let go of her cancerous body.
Just before Abuelita died, the granddaughter states the symbolism of death and rebirth in describing the sunset while she is on the porch. “…a final burst of burning red orange fury reminding us that although endings are inevitable, they are necessary for rebirths…” I felt this part of the story represented the death of Abuelita and the rebirth of the granddaughter. For instance, while the sun was ending, Abuelita just passed away. After the granddaughter realized it and washed Abuelita’s body, this represented rebirth in how the granddaughter changes because when she would visit her grandmother, she had a lot of resentment towards her mother and older sisters, but after Abuelita passed away, she began to cry for her mom instead of resenting her. However, the granddaughter came to the...

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