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The Mountain Of Old Essay

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The Mountain Of Old

“A Editorial of The Old Mountain”

Soft fragranced wind blows through my hair and tingles all of my wondrous senses, the greens, browns, and grey’s float through my view. I am home, in the loving nurturing place called the Big Horn Mountains, it’s where I was raised. This place even before I was born was a get away from city life for my family, and that tradition just grew stronger when I was alive. Some of my earliest memories as a child were up in the mountains at our secluded little two bedroom cabin off the main road from Deer Haven Lodge. Things were fantastic, activities such as tag, and hide-and-go-seek were child’s play and stuff back from the city life , in the mountain there were real games. Games like Hunter and Caveman, where our imaginations took us places that our city lives would have only been able to accomplish in dreams. Life was a breeze and I was a leave ever flowing throughout its billowing, but soon there was cause for change. As a grew older in this life that was like a dream, I slowly became more aware of the change that was taking place in the lovely place that I loved. Soon things were changing so fast that the next generation of my family, probably will be prohibited to have the freedoms in the wilderness that I had growing up. This pains me dearly to say this, for the way things are starting to go, I might not have my special place at all, and neither will my descendents

. Initially, memories show that my mountain of the past was beautiful tranquil and above all else, completely quite. There was no weekend traffic of a few families, “Camping” in the Big Horns, they all went other places, leaving our little mountain all to its own. This peace was caused by the recent closing of the biggest resort buildings on the mountain . Which were now run into the ground, they were a thing of the past, that my parents would speak of in envy about not having to bring food up, and just heading a short distance to the lodge for food, easy right? For me this tranquil stillness is what I grew up in, no need to keep watch on the dogs, or look when crossing the occasional back country road.

This all changed abruptly when the lodges were put up for auction, and a local man from Buffalo made the purchase. I at the time was cheerful of the new excitement with buildings being revamped, and the late night discussions my parents used to have of the food was finally coming true, I didn’t know it was soon going to be out of control. A few months after the new lodges had finally opened, we all thought it was going to be a new beginning for the old grown forest, which it was for a short time, everything was perfect. The only difference was there was a new lodge, and that was it , until it became popular. Yes, we all wanted it to have good business and keep the mountain running which it did very well but now it is a problem. With all the influx of people there have been...

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