The Mouse Vs. The Wolf. Essay

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The Mouse vs. the Wolf.

A short story by Tommy Leonhardsen

As you may know, I don't live in the most domesticated parts of our country, but rather far out in the fields, as they say. Out here, there is a plethora of animals, wild and
This is the story of when our dog, Yak, meeting one of them.
Yak was born and raised at our farm, so he is more or less used to the different kinds of creatures living around here, but surprises do crop up. And some of them is a bit hard
for him to swallow.

Sometimes literally.

The reports from his meeting goats, pigs, bulls and even (in his view) more dangerous creatures will have to wait to some other time; now I'll tell of Yak's latest friend. You
see, Yak has gotten himself a fan. Albeit a small one, it's still a fan. And a great fan, in it's own small way.
This fan has one big advantage to all the other creatures Yak has come to know - it's so small even Yak doesn't have to be afraid of it, and therefore bark at it.
Yak is actually a big coward. You should see him skipping a fence (or rather; not doing it).
It's a rare sight to see a dog running a kilometer to find the next gate, rather than to skip the fence. Even if the fence is holding the same low (sic) standard fences out here do.
Cows, bulls and Elk is very good at one thing, namely making fences much lower than intended by the farmer, so our fences isn't that much of a challenge. But not so for Yak,
the chicken dog.
Anyway. Yak's latest fan is an animal he can handle, although he tends to keep a certain distance. One never knows....

The other night, when I was (finally, according to Yak) going to bed, I took my usual walk around the house checking for potential fire hazards (it's a phobia I have). As usual,
there weren't any.
What I did hear was some very suspicious sounds emitting from the cupboard.

Living on the edge, as I like to put it, I'm getting rather used to the horrendous rats out here,
and surmised that one had found its way into the house. Well, these rats are preferable to the ones one finds in cities. The two-legged kind, I mean.

Rats are rats though, and it was with a certain tremidity that I stealthily approached the cupboard, Yak hot on my heels. I had the plan that if it was some four-legged creature
having a go at my garbage, I'd open the doors and yell "BOOO!" so as the miscreant would have a heart attack of fright or something. Shame, perhaps. Whatever.
Luckily, I found no rats when the cupboard doors were flung open, but the scratching sounds continued unabated. A closer inquiry from me ("Yak! Check it out!") soon...

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