The Movement Of People And Creation Of A New Nation

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Through the course of history there were many migrations of peoples, such as the Europeans to The New World, or was later to be known as America. The British landed on America's east coast in 1492, it wasn’t long before the European explorers countered the Natives, the Native American Indians. The Natives quickly welcomed and accepted the settlers to the new land they claimed to have discovered, the Natives felt the land was to be shared. They became friends and shared the land and traded goods.

News of good things and a successful trip to The New World got back fast to England, and spread quickly through the rest of Europe. America was everything the settlers hoped for it to be and after a scary long journey over long waters by boat that many people did not live to see. As news of opportunity in the west spread many nations such as the Spanish and the French came to also claim the territory of a generally uncharted land. The new nations all had the same intuitions, to expand their nations. Settlement of other peoples such did not sit well with the British an often lead to problems that eventually lead to wars for territory.

As conflicts intensified, and wars had been fought the Native Americans were no longer happy about the new people in the land. As time passed the English settlers no longer wanted to be governed or be apart of the British empire they came from. The British settlers went to war with the British in a fight for their freedom and defeated them in the revolutionary war the fight for independence. Now separate from the ties of the British the now free American people sought to expand their empire, by any means. Americans felt they had an “Indian Problem”. Colonization came quickly. No longer were there any civil means of expanding the Americans wanted the land and were going to take it by force, and did everything they could to...

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