The Movie Shrek Essay

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The Movie Shrek

Shrek is a spoof of traditional fairytales. It uses stereotypical
features, structures and characters. These features are challenged
throughout the film by special effects, reversal of stereotypes,
intertexuality, twist of plots and through comedy. In order to explore
this in depth all aspects will be considered, like setting, structure,
characters, stereotyping and humour.

Shrekis about an ogre who in order to keep his swamp he has to rescue
a princess from a castle, for Lord Forquaad, the ruler of the land.
Shrek accompanied by his new friend Donkey rescue princess Fiona, and
are on track to take her to Lord Forquaad, but princess Fiona and
Shrek fall in love. Fiona still however agrees to marry Lord Forquaad.
Fiona at night however, turns into an ogre because a witch put a spell
on her, and until she has true loves first kiss she will become an
ogre at night for the rest of her life, but when the spell is released
she will be beautiful. No one knows about this, apart from Donkey who
found out accidentally. Shrek then saves the day, by interrupting Lord
Forquaad and Fiona's wedding ceremony and telling Fiona his true
feelings. These two kiss which releases the spell on Fiona and she
turns into a beauty… which happened to be an ogre! Then Fiona admits
that she is an ogre and explain the story to Shrek. Shrek and her then
live happily ever after.

In the first rescue scene it is fairly conventional. For example it is
set in a castle, there is a dragon living there and princess Fiona is
awaiting her rescuer. Many of these features are contained in Snow
White and other fairytales. The dragon is the protector and Fiona is
just like Snow White awaiting her prince. However, it is not a
stereotypical setting because for example, fairytales do not have
rolling lava surrounding their castles. Also the dragon is female,
which is not very stereotypical at all. In addition to this the
princess even confesses that that wasn't the way it was suppose to
happen. Also Shrek finds the princess accidentally and she is not
ready to be rescued, so she quickly scuffles back to the bed and
looked as if she were asleep. Neither of these are stereotypical

Another setting in the play is Lord Faquaad's castle and village. It
is very stereotypical, with four turrets in the castles four corners,
a courtyard and Lord Faquaad looking over the crowd on centre stage.
Also the soldiers and army protecting the castle are stereotypical,
even to the clothes they are wearing. Medieval armour and swords!
Shrek also tries to use the 'gladiator' film and then giving it an
un-stereotypical feel, by instead of Shrek fighting the knights on
sand, he fights them in a wrestling ring. This is an example of
intertexuality. Shrek challenges conventional fairytales well in this

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