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The Mundelein High School Theatre And I

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The Mundelein High School auditorium has staged more than 100 plays, musicals, and concerts. It just so happens to be that the school’s auditorium is my happy place. Mundelein High School’s theatre is where I feel content because: its history is rich, I’ve accomplished many things there, and those accomplishments have changed my life in extraordinary ways.

Mundelein High School’s theatre is a place where the past lives on and where anything can happen. To begin with, in the scene shop and various other places in the auditorium , alumni’s names are written--everywhere. The names are usually followed by graduation years and small quotes. These names remind me that someday I will leave my mark and remember that Mundelein High School Theatre is where I got my start. Adding to that, there are endless possibilities on that stage. I can be (and have been) a ruthless officer and a toga-wearing pyromaniac. I could also build a secret ...view middle of the document...

Every performer has to start somewhere, I got the opportunity to get my start on the Mundelein High School stage. Then again, another strong example is that the school’s theatre taught me how to get my hands “dirty.”On the MHS stage, I’ve constructed and painted various sets and set pieces. By constructing and painting theses sets, my hands and clothes--and even my face--have been covered with paint and sawdust. Learning how to work with my hands taught me that I could apply myself in new ways. Best of all, I was inducted into the International Thespian Society in the auditorium. In the spring of 2013, along with many other theatre lovers, I became a Thespian. A Thespian is an individual who has excelled in theatre. Becoming a Thespian is my first big achievement in high school and demonstrated to me that working hard pays off in the end. Yes, it is true then that these experiences will remain with me for the rest of my life.

There is more meaning to what I’ve done in the past years at MHS Theatre. It is important to first note the impact my experiences on the stage have had on me. Everything I’ve done that stage (acting, constructing sets, assistant stage managing, etc.) has made me realize that performing is what I want to do in life. I don’t want to be a doctor, psychologist, lawyer, or teacher; I’d rather play them. Of course, my participation on the Mundelein High School stage has helped me grow. Before becoming a part of Mundelein High School Theatre, I had no idea what diction, blocking, and striking, were or how to use power tools. Now, thanks to these experiences, I have more knowledge of the stage, theatre, and life. Indeed, being around stage and performing are my callings.

Every stage around the world has had its fair share of productions, and Mundelein High School’s stage is no exception. The theatre at Mundelein High School is where I feel perfectly content because: it’s historical, I have achieved various things there and those achievements have been the highlight of my high school career. To reemphasize: anything can happen on the MHS stage, that stage will always be where I “premiered,” and everything I’ve learned there will stick with me for the rest of my life.

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