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The Murder Of Jon Benet Ramsey Essay

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Stated by John Ramsey, “As I was walking through the basement, I opened the door to a room, and knew immediately that I’d found her because there was a white blanket- her eyes were closed, I feared the worse but yet- I’d found her” (Bardesley, and Bellamy). On December 26, 1996, one of the most famous, unsolved murders took place in Boulder, Colorado (Christopher). The murder caused many events including accusations, interrogations, false claims, and examining of evidence. The case also caused the Ramsey family to go through a hard time. The murder of JonBenet Ramsey was very shocking and caused a huge investigation that is yet unsolved.
Family was one of the things that contributed to JonBenet’s murder. JonBenet Ramsey was a very special six-year-old girl with a successful family. She was a little pageant girl with blond curly hair and blue eyes; she was a very well known competitor since she had won many pageants (SV;SV) (Schneider). Her mother, Patsy Ramsey, was a former beauty queen; her father, John Ramsey, was a millionaire businessman (SV; SV) (Bardsley, and Bellamy). All these things contributed to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey.
The events leading up to her murder were typical events for a family on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve night, the whole family attended a Christmas party at a friend’s house. They came home at about 9:30 PM and JonBenet was carried upstairs to her bedroom at 10:00 PM. This was the last time she was seen alive. The next morning at about 5:00 AM Patsy found a ransom note on the bottom of the staircase. The note described the kidnapping of JonBenet and demanded $180,000 or JonBenet would be killed. Patsy quickly went to JonBenet’s room and, just as the note had stated, she had been kidnapped. Patsy called for her husband and they then contacted the police, who arrived quickly after being called. The kidnapping was unexpected and a shock to everyone (Bardsley, and Bellamy).
The missing case investigation was very short and unprofessional. When the police arrived, the house was not sealed off and people could come in and out as they pleased including the Ramsey’s friends. Meanwhile, the Ramsey family was trying to raise money for the ransom note. The police also didn’t fully search the house themselves. John Ramsey and his friend Fleet White were asked by the police to search the basement while the police searched the rest. When John Ramsey and Fleet White entered a small room in the basement at 1:05 pm they found a white blanket in the middle of the floor with something wrapped inside. Wrapped inside the blanket was the body of JonBenet Ramsey. There was duct tape covering her mouth; her arms were tied above her head; a white cord was wrapped tightly around her neck; a paintbrush was looped in a cord to form a garrote (SV;SV;SV). She was also still wearing her sweatshirt and her white pajama bottoms she had went to bed in. The parents and police were shocked with the tragic turn of events. (Bardsley, and...

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