The Murder Of Mr. And Mrs. Borden

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After Lizzie Borden's mother passed away her father remarried. Lizzie was unable to accept this new marriage and new stepmother who her father brought into their home. Lizzie was so troubled over this that she attempted to kill her father and stepmother by poisoning them, which was unsuccessful. In her second attempt Lizzie whacked them both to death by using a hatchet. Thought Lizzie was found innocent after several trials the truth was never discovered. When Lizzie Borden died, she took the truth with her, being the only person to ever really knowing the truth to what happened to her father and stepmother that August day.
On December 25, 1845, Andrew Borden married Sarah Morse. After Andrew and Sarah got married they moved in to a house on 2nd Street in Fall River, Massachusetts. Sarah gave birth to her first born child Emma Borden in 1851 and then 1960 her second born child is born, her name is Lizzie. Sarah Morse Borden was a loving and caring mother to her two daughters. Her daughters were Lizzie and Emma Borden. On September 19, 1863 at the age of thirty nine she passed away. Lizzie and Emma Borden were only small when she died. Lizzie was only three years old and Emma was fourteen years old. After this happened Lizzie and Emma were very upset and depressed. Andrew Borden then waited two years and, he got remarried. Andrew married Abby Gary on June 6, 1865. Lizzie could not accept this fact, she did not feel that her father, Andrew should have remarried someone new, because it was such a short period of time and she was still young (“Lizzie Borden”).
As Lizzie Borden was getting older she got more and more angry with her stepmother. In 1887, only twelve years after Andrew married Abby; Lizzie decided to no longer call Abby her “mother.” Lizzie would go around town telling people that Abby “is a mean old thing” (“Lizzie Borden”). This hatred was building up over time. Lizzie would always argue with Abby. Lizzie never could accept Abby for anything Abby done (“Lizzie Borden”).
Every morning Andrew would go to the barn with a hatchet. Andrew would go and kill the pigeons in the barn. He would kill the pigeons because they would roost in the barn loft. Lizzie would clean and maintain the barn loft every single day. When Andrew would kill the pigeons this would be a favor to Lizzie when she would go out to clean the loft (“Lizzie Borden”).
On the morning of August 2, 1892 Abby and Andrew woke up and they were complaining of stomach sickness. Abby went to the doctor; Abby’s doctor was her next door neighbor, Doctor Bowen. Doctor Bowen said “Abby, you may have been poisoned” (A+E Televisions Networks). When Doctor Bowen said that she may have been poisoned he was very unconvinced about this fact. Lizzie was the one who attempted to poison Mr. and Mrs. Borden (“Lizzie Borden”).
During this time at the Borden House they had a maid that lived at their house. Their maid was an Irish immigrant. The maid’s name was Bridget Sullivan. Bridget started...

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