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The Murder Of Pim Fortuyn Essay

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HL HISTORY INTERNAL ASSESMENTWho was Pim Fortuyn and how did he lead to so much commotion in the political establishment and finally lead to his death.Word Count: 2000Number of Pages: 15Table Of Contents:Section A - Plan Of Investigation Page 3Section B - Summery Of Evidence Pages 4 - 7Section C - Evaluation of Sources Pages 8Section D - Analysis Pages 9 - 10Section E - Conclusion Pages 11Section F - Bibliography Pages 12Appendix Pages 13 - 14 Section A: Plan of InvestigationMay 6th 2002, the first political assignation in Netherlands had taken place. Pim Fortuyn, one of the most controversial (1) politician (2) the Netherlands or even Europe have ever had. 2 weeks before he was going to be named Dutch Minister, he got shot 6 times, 3 times in his back, twice in his shoulder and once in his head. This causes the rise of the question, what political actions led to the final assignation of Pim Fortuyn? This investigation will focus on specifically who the person Pim Fortuyn, by knowing what kind of person he was, we can make further connections with his political choices and how it effected the people. This will be done by finding information and evidence, after the sources which were used will be evaluated. When this process is done, the information can be analyzed and conclusions can be made.Word Count: 145(1) Fortuyn has always provoked controversy with his statements and views about multiculturalism and immigration in the Netherlands. He called Islam "Een Achterlijke cultuur" meaning a Disgusting/Backward culture. He stated that if it were legally possible he would close the borders for Muslim immigrants. et. al. (2002) Fortuyn, chaos en charisma Clemens van Herwaarden, Rotterdam, Netherlands page 17(2) Pim Fortuyn first Political group was "Lab our party" from 1978 to 1989. Already there he showed promising skills, he went to a bigger party later on as he went to "Peoples party of freedom and democracy". In 2001 he joins "Livable Netherlands". He made this one of the biggest and most popular parties Netherlands. He got kicked out of the party after his so called discriminating statements about the islam. He went on to form his own group "Lijst Pim Fortuyn". With this group he was predicted to receive 7-8 zetels in the "tweede kamer" which is enough to rule Netherlands, he received 17 zetels.Section B: Summery of EvidencePim Fortuyn's Youth and ResidentialPim Fortuyn's had a catholic family and had a very clean and normal youth. 1Pim Fortuyn traveled throughout the country a lot as he had various education locations 2Pim Fortuyn was born and raised in The Netherlands, there are no influences of other countries in the family of Fortuyn.Pim Fortuyn's Religion and his SexualityPim Fortuyn released that he believed in Roman Catholicism. He did this in 2002 before his election even though it was already public information.Pim Fortuyn was never secretive of his preference of sex as he has been openly gay for many years.(1) Fortuyn was born on 19...

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