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The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd Essay

1152 words - 5 pages

1. What does Ackroyd mean when he says "by telling me, she made me as guilty as herself"?2. Why does Mrs Ferrars kill herself?3. Several people talk about the engagement of Ralph and Flora; Mrs Ackroyd. Mr Poirot, Caroline and Flora herself. Skim through this part and make notes on what each person thinks about their relationship. Give examples from the text to show how you know what they think.4. At the beginning of this part of the book, Inspector Raglan is convinced that Ralph Paton is the murderer. Give 3 easons why he thinks this. Which other members of the household are suspects?5. What is the significance of the time of the phone call made to Sheppard and where it was made from?6. Flora and Hector Blunt have a conversation which is overheard by Poirotand Sheppard. What has happened to Flora since Ackroyd died? What are Flora and Blunt discussing and how do you think they feel towards each other?7. Why did Poirot ask Parker about the details of the study when they found Ackroyd's body?8. It's been discovered that some money has been stolen from Ackroyd's bedroom. Who are the main suspects for this? Who has access to the bedroom?9. Why does Ursula Bourne say she is leaving her job?10. What does Poirot think about Sheppard's sister, Caroline?11. Why is Poirot pleased with the list Sheppard gives him?12. Poirot wants to create the scene from the night of the murder when Flora met Parker outside the study. Why does he do this and what does he learn from it?13. What connection does Parker have to blackmail? What does Poirot learn from this?14. Why does Ursula come to Poirot and how did Poirot know that she was married Ralph? Where you surprised by this? Which clue from earlier in the story is now explained?15. Ralph believes that Roger Ackroyd would never let him marry a girl who had no money. What does this show about marriage and relationships were viewed by this social class at the time of the story?16. How does Poirot try to protect Caroline? Why do you think he does this?17. How does the doctor make use of the technology of the time to help him in his crime? What has he done in the story so far that reveals his skills in this area?Answers1. When Ackroyd says that by telling him, she made him as guilty as herself he meant that now he knows Mrs Ferrars killed Mr Ferrars he had to choose between keeping the secret or revealaling it to the police.2. Mrs Ferrars kills herself because when she told Mr Ackroyd that she had murdered her husban she saw horror in Roger's face so she didn't want him to be guilty too. Besides she don't want to be blackmailed anymore.3. Caroline: she thinks that Ralph and Flora met secretaly because their family didn't approve their marriage. 'They are secretly engaged. Ackroyd disapproves and they have to meet secretaly'. Flora: she felt free when her uncle died because she didn't have to keep on pretending that fake marriage with Ralph. 'Free to do what I like, free not to...' Poirot: he thinks that Ralph should be...

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