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The play Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, is a tragic drama about two star-crossed lovers meeting and falling in love. The lovers are members of two opposing families, and it is only through their deaths that the feud ends. In the play, Tybalt’s role is portrayed as Romeo’s foil, and as a malevolent and violent Capulet who is determined to end the Montagues. As the evidence will clearly state, the court should find Tybalt guilty for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet and he warrants the charge of second-degree murder for the killing of Mercutio, a close friend of Romeo. Even though Tybalt hadn’t planned on taking the life of Mercutio, a charge of second-degree murder is expected as a consequence of Tybalt intentionally taking his life. Tybalt’s choice in this action caused Romeo to act with revenge, killing Tybalt, and resulting in the banishment of Romeo from Verona. This instigates a new plan of action, leaving Juliet alone, ...view middle of the document...

Also, in Family Life in the Age of Shakespeare, the author Bruce W. Young wrote, “One of the parents’ greatest challenges was to subdue children’s natural selfishness and self-will” (Young 48-53). This quote relates to Lord Capulet not being able to settle Tybalt’s relentless hate for Romeo’s intrusion upon the house of Capulet. Romeo encroaching upon the Capulet house party, and Tybalt believing that Romeo came to ridicule the Capulet family, led to Tybalt challenging Romeo to a duel. Subsequently, this duel brought upon the second-degree murder of Mercutio as Mercutio stepped in to fight in Romeo’s place, thus making the murder of Mercutio unplanned. Consequently, due to Tybalt’s inability to play his role of honor and nobility in that culture, he ended up committing second-degree murder and later died for his actions.
Tybalt is guilty for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet because his murder of Mercutio led to Romeo’s exile and eventually caused the deaths of the two lovers. For example, when Tybalt sent a challenge to Romeo, he stated, “Tybalt, the kinsman to old Capulet,/ Hath sent a letter to his father’s house./ A challenge on my life” (2.4.7-9). This proved Tybalt’s desire to regain his honor through slaying Romeo in a duel, and Romeo understood if he accepted this duel, the consequence would be dire. Juliet knew that if Romeo was banished, the agony of a life separated from her husband would be heartbreaking, and she would choose to kill herself. In addition, when the Prince announced Romeo’s banishment he avowed, “And for that offense/ Immediately we do exile him hence” (3.1.203-204). Romeo was forced to kill Tybalt, otherwise Tybalt would slay Romeo to regain his honor. Upon Romeo’s removal, Juliet and Friar Laurence devised an unsuccessful plan for her to imitate death so she could reunite with Romeo. The failure of this plot led to Romeo committing suicide and Juliet immediately after him. Finally, due to Tybalt’s need to uphold his own dignity and honor, he is driven to kill Romeo to gain back the significance and prestige that he lost, and because of his righteousness, the death of Romeo and Juliet transpire.

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