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The Murders In The Rue Morgue

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A. The Murders in the Rue Morgue begins with “propositions” (Poe 2) to help the reader follow the reading through the use of critical thinking like that of a chess or card player. The chess player must wait and contemplate each move of another player, while the card player is more prone to memory perception. Poe then introduces his acquaintance Dupin and expounds on his abilities. Then “Extraordinary Murders” (5) begins the sequence of the detective like story. The murders were written about in the local paper and giving no clue, leaving the mystery unanswered. The next day many testimonial references were given in the paper and their account of the murders exposed, still without any evidential clues. The evening paper reveal the police have no way of solving the crime, but arrest Le Bon simply because he was the last individual to see the murdered alive. Dupin’s “peculiar analytical ability” (3) begins to kick in and he begins to belittle the ability of the investigators and plans an “examination” (9). After receiving permission, Dupin and Poe (or the narrator as such) went to the Rue Morgue. They carefully scoured the neighborhood and the outdoor area before entering the house and room where the murders took place. Dupin was very intense and refrained from speaking for several hours contemplating on all he had seen. Then Dupin spoke and completely expounded his analysis of the murders, the means of entrance and exit, and the ability that it would take to complete what had been done. When he centered in on the agility, strength, ferocity and lack of motive (14), Dupin revealed the hair he found revealing the intruder and murderer. To draw the orangutan’s owner to him, Dupin posted an announcement in the news paper. As Dupin continued his revelations to Poe, a sailor entered their home seeking the return of his orangutan. When questioned, the sailor revealed the events of The Murders in the Rue Morgue.
The Purloined Letter begins in quietness of a smoke filled library when “the Perfect of the Parisian police” arrives (Belasco & Johnson 1191). At this point, the Perfect (G) was seeking consultation with Dupin on a simple matter, but Dupin snubbed him by indicating the simplicity of his discourse before he even heard the details. Then G— told about the stolen letter and its repercussions if it fell into the hands of the wrong people. G— explained how the letter was stolen, who stole it (D—), and what they have done in attempts to retrieve it. “For three months” (1193) G— and his assistants searched the Minister’s home in hopes of finding the stolen letter with no avail. Dupin then asked for details concerning their search and made only smart remarks as G— proceeded with his dialogue. At the completion, G— requested advice from Dupin. Dupin said “re-search the premises” and sought an “accurate description of the letter” (1195). With all this mentioned, G— left, re-examined D—‘s property, and return a month later. Upon his...

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