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The Museum Adventure Essay

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My Adventure At the Ringling Museum
My adventure started off with a google search of the The Ringling Museum to find directions and hours of the museum. I chose the Ringling Museum because it was the closest museum that I have not ventured. Before looking on the museum’s website for the details I thought it was just a circus museum but to my amazement the Ringling Museum was so much more. It has a Museum of Art, CA’D’ZAN (“House of John”), education center, FSU Center for performing arts and the Bayfront Gardens.With it being so much more than a circus museum I was excited to get this adventure underway.
When I arrived at the museum, ticket in hand and was given a map of the grounds like ...view middle of the document...

Bowing was a formal way of showing respect both as a greeting and at leaving. That was a clever placement by the curator to start the display with a greeting.The sequence of photos were placed by theme. First was the Daily Life photos, Washing and Starching clothes, Umbrella Maker and Vegetable Sellers. Then was the Entertainment and Leisure photographs of Geisha Girls. Next was People then Nikko, that displayed the photo of Sacred Bridge of Nikko and Pagoda of Nikko. After that came the photos of Travel, Rickshaw photos and Avenue of Cherry Blossom. At last The Teahouse Tradition that displayed a beautiful photo of Tonosawa Teahouse with Wisteria, that contained beautiful purple tinting of the wisteria.
I was drawn to the Buddha photo which was displayed in the center of the room. Learning about Buddhism and certain symbols and characteristics of Buddha I could not wait to check it out. The Great Buddha of Kamakura is a monumental outdoor bronze statue. The Great Buddha is not the Siddhartha Gautama I learned about in class it was a monk named Dharmata who became Buddha. I noticed the elongated ears symbolizing all hearing. The Great Buddha is seated in lotus position with his hands forming the Dhyani Mudra, the gesture of meditation. The photo of the Dai Bouts (Great Buddha) was taken by Beato who was the first Westerner to photograph it. He posed himself in the scene, sitting on the stairs. I had to use the plastic magnify tool that the museum provided to see him in the photograph. Felice Beato was an Italian British photographer who impacted other photographers in Japan, where he taught and worked with numerous photographers and artists. Beato popularized the style of hand coloring that many other photographers embraced during the Meiji period. Most of the photographs were hand tinted that provided a...

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