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The Museum House Essay

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The museum houses more than 15,000 artifacts. However, the museum itself is a work of art. It is the architecture of Michael Graves. The museum’s elegant entrance is not forgotten easily. Walking though The Triangle, I am instantly transported to a place far from Atlanta, GA. I have yet to discover where I am but that sense of loss is embraced here. The Georgia marble has a cooling effect against the heat and humidity. At first glance, I noticed nothing special about this building; upon examining it for the second time, I found simple lines and symmetry was what made this building so special. The two story ceilings and open spaces are what set this building apart. The exhibit where these wonderful details came alive for me was the Egyptian exhibit and it is there where I spent the remainder of my time and gathered the artifacts that were of the most interest to me. I may be wrong in stating the following but I find no other culture that immerses itself in the important rituals for the dead more than this culture. Life as we know it was simply a period of time for them in which to prepare for eternity.
The Egyptians wanted their time on Earth to prepare them as much as possible for the afterlife; if a wealthy man or woman had slaves here, why not in the afterlife? Certainly the slaves’ services would be needed. So, we have the “Shabti”. The museum offered at least 12 different specimens to observe. All “Shabti” carried a tool that its master might find useful. The “Blue Shabti” is typical of the Late Period of Egypt circa 747-443BC. Made of stone and covered with blue paint, there are...

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