The Musgrave Group: Project Management Essay

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Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
Introduction 4
About Musgrave 4
Project management 6
Project 6
Project management process 6
Project management in Musgrave group 7
Case Study 8
Project Overview 8
Supply Chain Management 9
Project conception – Challenges faced 9
Planning & design 10
Implementation 10
Project Completion 11
Recommendations 12
Project Plan for delivery of the assignment 13
Project Environment 13
Project Planning 14
Project Implementation or Execution 14
Project Control (Completion & Closure) 14
Project management approach taken while developing this document 16
Conclusion 17
References 18

Executive Summary
This report provides a detailed analysis and evaluation of the Musgrave Group’s approach towards Project Management. The report gives an overview of the challenges faced within Supply Chain Management and how these challenges have been addressed by the successful implementation of the Musgrave Simplifies Retail (MSR) project.
Some of challenges faced within the Supply Chain Management are as follows:
 Improper analysis of data with warehouses & retail stores
 Long wait hours to fix issues within existing system which resulted in loss of both time & money.
 Systems are not capable to handling requests for ordering all product types.
 Systems within warehouses & retail stores are not interconnected to each other
 Lack of systems which provide reliable information based on past sales figures and order the correct volume of stock.

Some of the key outcomes of this Musgrave Simplifies Retail (MSR) project are as stated below:
 How technology has enhanced in the growth of business
 New challenges within the retail markets in Ireland & UK
 Implementation of new Supply Management System within all Musgrave warehouse & retailer stores
The recommendations discussed include:
 Integration of various platforms which include Sales, Operation & Finance
 Usage of Smart phone & Tablet PC Technologies to improve sales
 Marketing & Selling more diverse products to meets the demands of UK & Irish markets
The report finally outlines the author’s approach towards project planning and project management in completing this document.

About Musgrave
Musgrave group is a leading, largest and successful international company that works in partnership with entrepreneurial in Ireland, UK and Spain. It is one of Ireland’s most leading franchise operators with the annual sales of over 4 billion. Musgrave group was found 1876 in Cork. In Ireland, performance of mush grave dependent upon the success of 900 SME retailers and partners.

Musgrave group’s Vision
To be the leading partner to entrepreneurial retailers
Successful Musgrave has been extending its operations in which it supports more than 210 Supervalu and 450 Centra stores all over Ireland. Main challenge of Musgrave is to deliver goods and information to all 660 stores at right time and in an...

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