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The Muslim Mosques The mosques are the most important centres in any Muslim community.
From their Minbar are delivered the khutbah, arguably the most
important weekly address regarding Islam, and around them the Muslims
congregate and organise their affairs.

It is no wonder, therefore, that the mosques have been caught up in
significant controversy in Britain because of their important status,
both for the Muslims who visit them and for the British government.
Effective control of the mosque and its agenda can significantly
contribute to the revival of the Muslim Ummah or it can lead to the
perpetual silence and ignorance regarding our affairs, further
entrenching our decline.

In this article, we look at the current reality of the mosque and
their perception in the eyes of the Muslim community in Britain. We
also look at the attempts to manipulate them and their role as
described by Islam.

The Mosque and Muslim Youth

The Muslim youth in this country are very familiar with the mosque
routine they endured as children. The daily visit to the mosque sent
by their parents to learn and memorise the Qur'an, to establish Muslim
friends and to develop a strong Islamic personality, did the opposite
in many cases.

Rather than centres for guidance and clarification, the mosques
operated no-discussion, no-question regimes and were completely
unaware of the reality and problems faced by the Muslim youth. Muslim
teenagers and youth felt that they could not turn to the mosque to
clarify their understanding of Islam, to have the confusing questions
posed at school answered or simply to seek advice about avoiding the
temptations and pressures brought on by living in a society that
contradicted their way of life.

The Muslim youth resultantly found no solace and saw no point in
attending the mosque. It is no exaggeration to say that this affected
a whole generation of Muslims in this country. Many may have turned to
Islam later in life through university and college Islamic societies,
but many simply rebelled against the mosque and in some cases even
disassociated themselves from Islam. This was because either they
'followed the crowd' and aspired to a life of freedom with
accountability to no one, a lesson learnt from Western society, or
simply as a result of resentment and sometimes fear of the mosque.

The Khutbah

Arguably, the most opportune time to access the Muslim community, the
khutbah has always occupied a pivotal role in informing the Muslim
Ummah about her affairs and calling her to the appropriate actions.
Allah (subhanahu wa ta'aala) has ordered that...

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