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The Mutual Relationship Between Technology And Society

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I am interested in exploring the mutual shaping relationship between technology and society through an integrated development perspective.

During my postgraduate study of science and technology studies (STS) in University of Edinburgh, I followed the mutual shaping route and briefly touched the problems of integrated development in two researches, “Understanding Local Circumstances of Surveillance on ICT Applications in China” and “The Mutual Shaping History of Agricultural Technology, Social Condition, And Public Policy in China”. By applying to the doctoral project “Innovation, Society, And Policy In China: Towards An Integrated Development”, I wish to extend my knowledge and investigation to the mutual shaping relationship among technological innovation, state and society building, and public policy in past, present, and future China through an integrated development perspective and case studies. An integrated development perspective, nascent but promising as Susan Cozzens pointed out, is to move three different perspectives on development, the confrontational power analysis from STS, the state economic growth studies from new growth theory, and the entrepreneurial learning and competence building studies from innovation systems, toward the development as freedom in Amartya Sen’s definition. In the next ten years or more, China will undergo the structural transformation in developmental mode to tackle the social and economic problems brought by its exclusive focus on economic growth and national competence. Therefore I find my research interesting and timely in both academic and real world.

Prior to further explanation of my doctoral program, some introductions of my previous academic pathway and working experience in the innovation incubator will lead to better understanding on how I develop this research interests and prepare for the doctoral topic.

I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Sociology in Shanghai University, one of the five state level key disciplines of sociology in China, with a core GPA of 3.5 and the final semester GPA of 3.79. My dissertation “One Night Stand In Discourse – A Relation And Event Analysis Of Power” explored how Chinese government controlled the “one night stand”, a “nascent social abnormality” as the authority called, by constructing repressive and defaming discourses about people participating in the so-called “one night stand” and their behaviors. Implementing a “relation and event” framework inspired by Foucault and Deleuze to dismantle the discourses, I found that discourses created by government in public media tried to construct the concept “one night stand” by defining it to a specifically new category while materializing it with characteristics and menaces from many already well-established social categories of sexual taboos. Through the construction, therefore, government could impose its traditional control of the “sexual abnormality” to a new and artificial territory. This paper...

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