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This essay focuses on a critical business issue about one of the Myanmar rubber plantation companies. There are two main parts in this essay: the first part focus on the challenges such as the external environment factors faced by organizations today in Myanmar rubber industry and the second part focus on the chosen organization’s change management implementation with the role of leaders and managers. There are a lot of rubber companies which are owned by Government and Public all over the Myanmar. In this essay, the writer has chosen one of the Myanmar Public own rubber companies which is Myanmar Rubber Glory (MRG) Rubber Plantation and Manufacturing Company, Ltd. The writer personal interest in this company is a result of working experiences as a General Manager.
Myanmar is now in a transitional process to become a democracy flourishing country. It is smoothly converting from military rules to civilian rules. The country new government is striving toward to bring prosperities for all the nationalities. Moreover, they have been trying hard to develop the every sectors of the country for creating job opportunities, reducing poverty alleviation and improving human resource by collaborating and cooperating with public entrepreneurs, local experts as well as foreign professionals. (News Light of Myanmar, 2012, p.2). Due to this factors there are many organization facing the challenges of change from both external and internal. Likewise, MRG is also encountering two critical issues which are the external environmental issues impact on the organization and the difficulties of implementing change management in the organization.
MRG owns 3,000 acres of rubber clusters, and it has the good reputation among competitors. The company has been manufacturing, selling and exporting rubber latex and products such as grade 2 and 3 rubber sheets to domestic market and foreign market. There are 120 employees, the organization was established in 1989 and most of the directors and managers are conservative. The weakness of the organization that it is still unable to produce value-added products due to insufficient equipments and the lack of employees’ skills, competencies and knowledge, the rigid structure of the organization and the inflexible leadership style of managers and leaders.
This part of the essay will focus on the first critical issues. Increased demands for rubber products and exportation, the level of government involvement and political interest, the popularity of corporate social responsibility, and collaborating with local private companies and foreign companies as well as government industry are major external factors affecting MRG. “Changes in the environment will affect inputs, and changes in inputs will affect the transformation or conversion process and hence the outputs. In order to understand the operations of organizations, and to improve organizational performance, it is necessary to consider how they achieve an internal and external...

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