The Mysterious Night Essay

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During this specific night, an army of mysterious, murky clouds seized control of divine sky, devouring the sun. Favored by the troops, the moon, displaying its glorious luminescence upon a shadowy city, wins a triumphant victory over the sun. A ferocious leader of the army activates the withdrawal then leads dedicated soldiers to west as if they are tracking down a wild dog. On the other hand, the city transmits its vivid and righteous illuminations back to the sky to let people in the “second floor” know that “era of tranquility” began. Imagine the astonishing night, rigid and bright buildings lie elegantly on the moonlight sky, bring lights gaze from the thousands of bulbs. It is beautiful, yet no one knows what beauty is upon them.
From far away, elevated buildings are shining and competing each other who can be the brightest. Ironically, doomed and unoccupied lands take the most of the scene, which sets up the division on this earthly land. The shimmering lights are gathering as they form a trail of lines. It looks like the civil war had also begun on this landscape. As these little lights march through the darkness, the gloomy river and its energetic cascade, taking side with the lights, cheer them on with their endless drum-roll claps. This mesmerizing waterfall creates cold cloud-looking steams by swiftly rushing down the cliff, and then sends ongoing messages to other land, the sky. The lights team has its bases located near by the edge of roads. They, too, has their role in this world. They shoot colorful lasers to the cascade to guide the soldiers to their battle place. But at the same time, they, the lasers, enhance the beauty of waterfalls by shooting blue, green, and pink lasers. Buildings near by waterfalls looks like a castle, base, because...

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