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Lexi was getting married in one day. She was so ecstatic, she was finally going to marry her true love. She planned to party with her friends by hosting a bachelorette party in her most desired place to be in, the Caribbean. Gifts were exchanged, so was laughter, and a lot of gossiping was going on. Lexi wanted to learn what she was getting into as the future wife of her love, Dustin. The girls were discussing on how life would change after marriage, but still hoped that their parties would continue. On that note, the girls decided to watch their favorite movie and as they were doing so, slowly one by one, each were falling asleep. How would they know that a marriage was not going to take ...view middle of the document...

The girls had gotten up in the morning and were waiting to see where the bride to be disappeared, they had to get her ready. They searched the room, but thought that Lexi was going to come back shortly. One girl decided to go to the lobby and prepare for their ride to the wedding, and had taken the stairs that Lexi had taken. Unknowingly she stepped on what seemed to be a dark bag, it was quite big. She didn’t see anybody by the bag, and she wondered why it was so rigid from the outside. She noticed that the bag had a weird exterior shape to it, so she slowly approached the bag, but looked both ways to see if anyone had been watching her. She bent down, and unzipped the bag. First she got a putrescent smell. She dug through the bag, and felt a bone, it was not squishy, but clear solid. She took it out, and it was a human leg, it was doused in blood. She wanted to scream, but when she put the bag down she could see a shadow hovering over her. She was holding back her tears and was shaking, she turned back and she was knocked out by a metallic weapon. There she was, unconscious. All the other girls in the hotel room were now wondering what took the bride to be and their friend so long to come back,...

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