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This coursework is based on a research which will be performed and it will measure the degree and class of servicing that the personnel and the management are willing to do and what is actually doing. This will be done for a specific hotel and what I and my colleague have chosen is Festa Panorama in Nessebar. The way in which the research is done, is by visiting the hotel as a mystery guests.

The Bulgarian sea resorts are famous with its beautiful nature. One of these is Nessebar, which is a city with impressive history. Today Nessebar is one of the resorts most preferred by tourists and it has been most attractive ever since the beginning of the century. The constructions of the new town started at the time together with numerous rest homes, big and small hotels, and modern facilities for tourism and entertainment. The old buildings were restored and new houses in ancient style were built.

Festa Panorama is a three-star hotel and is located by the pedestrian promenade of New Nessebar, around 100 m. from the beach. The famous old town of Nessebar, with its many sights, restaurants, cafés, taverns and small shops, is a 10-minute walk away, or visitors can take the economically-priced tourist train, a favourite with children.

The new, modern, fully air-conditioned hotel offers all amenities for a relaxing holiday. It offers guests 230 rooms on 4 floors, lifts, an elegant lobby with reception and safety deposit box, bar, restaurant, à la carte restaurant, cafeteria, conference room, hairdresser's and Internet Corner. In the wellness area there is an indoor pool, fitness room, sauna, a beauty salon and massages. Outside in the grounds is a swimming pool with an integrated children's pool, sun terrace, sun loungers and parasols free of charge, and of course pool bar. The hotels' rooms are modern, comfortably equipped with telephone, satellite TV, air-conditioning, minibar, and balcony some with lateral sea view.

My colleague and I decide to go to the hotel for 3 days, but before that we make some investigation about reservation. First I call to the hotel reservation to find out how the staff is doing with its clients. The women on the phone was very nice and gentle, she give me all needed information about the hotel and the rooms. After that we decide to find out, did the staff are able to talk in different languages. Again I and my colleague represent us for foreign guests from Germany and France, and then we were surprised for the knowledge of the reception clerk.

Our first impression was when we entered in the hotel. A smiling porter, who was with extraordinary uniform, gives us a hearty welcome. The whole personnel give us attention from the outside the hotel to the room. There we visited and shadowed different people from different fields in hospitality. People that we oversee from these fields seemed very intelligent. They knew so much about their jobs and were very influential and motivated. We learned so much about...

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