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March 24, 2009StonehengeA place that has been surrounded in mystery, debate and speculation for centuries, located in the English county of Wiltshire on the Salisbury Plains, is one of the world’s most famous prehistoric sites. Stonehenge is a ruin of an old building that is the oldest structure in Western Europe. The name "Stonehenge" means hanging stone in the Saxon language. It has around 165 stones that are placed in an ordinary style. Construction on this magnificent monument began 5000 years ago, but the stones that still stand today were put in place nearly 4000 years ago. Even though Stonehenge is an amazing sight physically, one of the main things that attract visitors to Stonehenge is its mystery. Stonehenge is so mysterious because no matter how many theories people come up with, they can never be 100% certain on the purpose for which it was built or who built it.
Phase I began in 3,100 BC roughly, scientists are not certain, and what that entailed was a small circle enclosed by a few dozens wooden columns, in a diameter of about 10 m'. It was believed to be built by local tribes. Those columns are not there; unfortunately, they did not survive the elements.
Phase II started about 2,100 BC (the bronze era). When Europe invaded Britain that is what was known as the ‘bronze era,’ the tribes had added two rings of bluestone which consisted of around 80 stones. These ‘bluestones’ originated from a location 200 kilometers away that is about 125 miles. The ‘bluestones’ came from a place named Presely Mountains; the place is located in Wales. Each ‘bluestone’ weighs at the very least 15 tons.
Phase III lasted for 900 years, from 2,000 BC until 1,100 BC. Throughout this time, the "bluestones" were removed, and saren-stones of about 30 stones took their place. The stones weighing approximately 50 tones took their place at Stonehenge in an outer circle; they were all connected by stone lintels. The diameter is 30.5m’ and its height is 5.5m’. An alter stone; which weighs 6 tons was positioned in the middle. The granite or stones rather were brought from Marlborough Dawns, which is 30 kilometers (about 19 miles) away. The bluestones were then put backup in a horseshoe shape in the middle of the structure.
80 bluestones, which were utilized in the second phase weighing 15 tons each, they were transported from 200 kilometers away (which is about 125 miles). The sarsen-stone which was utilized in the third phase, traveled 30 kilometers away (which is about 19 miles) although, the sarsen-stones weighing approximately 50 tons have stumped scientists and archeologists for years. They still do not know how they got there, because the technology was just not there. They did not have the means to lift these heavy stones or the knowledge to understand in moving these heavy objects. For the past 300 years it has been a quagmire of the past, many stories have been made up to explain the unexplainable, and each telling of these myths gets more and more mind...

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