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The Mystery Of The Chocolatier Essay

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While watching the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I found several examples of Aristotle’s rhetorical concepts: Logos, Ethos, Pathos, Telos, and Karios. In this paper I will be giving brief examples of my findings using quotes and brief explanations of scenes from the movie and how they relate to the concept.
In the movie the Logos or logic of this movie is set up at first realistic but as it introduces the character Willy Wonka you start to see the fantasy and exaggeration of the character and the world he lives in and created for himself and his customers, and when they buy his candy products they get a taste of it. The movie starts out with a boy named Carlie Bucket. The ...view middle of the document...

In one scene of the movie Veruca Salt questions the Oompa- Loompas origin and purpose in the factory, Willy Wonka says he found them deep in the jungle on his quest for new candy flavors. Mike Teavee father who interrupts Wonka states that he is a geography teacher, and there is no such place as Oompa- Loompas land. Wonka replies with “then you should know that there is and what a terrible, terrible place is it.” He then goes on to describe his elaborated journey through the jungle and how he came across the Oompa- Loompas, and how he traded their labor for cocoa beans. Charlie and his Grandpa Joe are the only two characters in factory that see things as Wonka does and believes that his factory’s amazing and anything is possible.
The awakening emotion or Pathos of this movie I believe is directed at not only the children but the adult who is a child at heart. Willy Wonka who is a very accomplished man but lives in a fantasy world and everything he creates is somewhat magical. I believe he’s like this because his overbearing father Dr. Wilbur Wonka who is an accomplished dentist, but very strict and sheltered Wonka as a child for the fear eating candy and getting cavities and ruining his teeth. In his rebellion Willy runs away to explore the “candy capitals of the world.” While out his father moved the entire house from the foundation and Willy return to nothing. Enticing his curiosity of candy and leading to his mastering of the candy arts. As a child you only see your parents as strict and not letting you have any fun, but as you become an adult your perspective on thing change. You only want what’s best for your child and will do anything and everything in their best interest to protect them.
I saw many Telos or “purposes” in this movie. The main one is about family and how they are important to our lives to be truly happy. No matter how accomplished you are or how much money you have you need family. The whole purpose for Wonka golden ticket factory tour was to find an heir for his factory. When Charlie turns down his offer because he doesn’t want to leave his family, Wonka’s is overwhelmed with sadness and his...

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