The Mystery Of The Closet Essay

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“Goooo to the closeeeeet. Goooo to the closeeeet.” said an unknown voice.
Jame’s eyes jerked open. What happened!? thought Jame. “Wake up! Wake up Jame!” said Adelicia as she shook him. Jame quickly sat up and blushed. “What’s wrong?”, he said as he rubbed his eyes. “The principal wants you in his office!” Jame suddenly woke up fully, “Why?”
“Uh, I think it is because you dream walked to the closet down the corridor.”
“The closet. What’s wrong with the closet? Why did they see me going to the closet? When did they see me going to the closet? But why me? Why do I sleep walk to the closet? What is the problem of sleepwalking to the closet?,” thought Jame as he was walking to ...view middle of the document...

” said a soft voice.
“Huh. You won't get mad. Sure! You only need some clues!? Yeah right! You need someone to blame and so you could get all your students back so you could get more money!”
“You can go now!” said the soft voice suddenly turning gruff, “and if you remember something, remember to tell me!”

Jame opened the iron doors and smashed it shut. The sound echoed down the hallways. The lively morning light was gorgeous after the dim lights in the principal’s office, which was literally a prison cell,was the scariest. Jame embraced the sunlight. He had survived another trip to the principal’s office. The last time he went to it was just two day ago when he was called to be questioned why he was walking to the closet down his corridor again, even though he explained perfectly well that he was sleepwalking.

The whole school seemed still after all the years of insane kids running around school, creating a crazy racket. Jame was not used to the stillness of the school. Why did this happen? Nobody knew.
It was a beautiful morning. The sky was clear with no naughty clouds running over it, the trees were a shade of green so perfect that even the best printers can’t produce its color. Boom! Boom! Boom! Someone was knocking the massive front doors of the school. “Hurry! Hurry!” everybody shouted as they jumped out of their bed and threw on their school clothes. Everybody rushed towards the massive wooden doors. Pushing, bumping, crashing each other at a corner. CREEK! The doors opened! The sunlight flew into hallways. “OOH!” shouted as Jame was pushed around. “Who could it be?” “Will it be a boy or a girl?” “Will he or she be rich?” “Will he or she be nice?” It was a boy. The boys cheered. The girls moaned.
The boy was called Will. He was 11 years old, but he was short compared to the other 11 year olds. He looked a bit like Jame. He was also quiet. His eyes were red probably from crying. His face was snow white.
“Now, now,” said the vice principal, “Everyone go back to your classes, NOW!”
Everybody trodden to class sadly.

“Wake up Jame!” shouted Mr. Theo. Mr. Theo was the counselor. Every time Jame was supposed to go to normal classes he had to come to Mr.Theo to be “taught one on one”. He wasn’t really taught here, he was only getting detention, although he wasn’t allowed to tell anybody. “If you want to sleep! Go sleep on the floor instead on my table!” said Mr.Theo while turning around to do some work. Jame laid down on the stone-hard wood. He couldn’t sleep last night, he kept having nightmares that he could not remember.
Clouds rumbled in. BOOM! Thunder clashed. The sky turned black, so were the hallways of the school. Splash Splash Splash Drop, the rain came tumbling down like there was a prize on the ground. Whoosh! The strong wind howled. Creek! BOOM! The iron doors opened. A pair of shining eyes is in the air. “AAAAAAAAAH!” Shouted the last remaining students going back to their rooms. The eyes moved towards Jame’s...

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