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"The Mystery Of The Missing Kidneys" A Story About The Popular Urban Legend, Bout People Waking Up In A Bathtub, With Their Kidneys Missing, With A Sign Next To Them Saying Ring 911 Or Die

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Another siren! I looked out of the window and saw that the ambulance had arrived. The sheriff and his deputy had already arrived at the building across the road 5 minutes ago. Heaps of people have already crowded around to see what is happening. I'm not going down there because there are already too many people, and besides, I can see better up here. Over the last 12 months, I have been reading in the paper how young men have been taken to hospital minus their kidneys! I figure that this is what has happened again.

My name is John Jacobson and I moved to Atlantic Cove, a quiet coastal fishing town, 12 month ago from New York. I was a journalist for the Nor York Times but felt that I needed a change of scenery, as life was too hectic in the city of New York. I remember how one early morning, after I had only just moved in to my small, one bed roomed flat, I was sitting down, having my usual coffee or breakfast on my corner apartment balcony, watching the surf pounding up against the rocks, thinking how this town was so peaceful.. I had opened the local rag and what I saw that morning, brought back memories of my life in New York, as a criminal journalist. I thought that by moving to this peaceful town, I would get away from the frenzied atmosphere of a big city, but then I thought that maybe this was not so.

Getting back to reality, as I was looking down at the crowd across the road, I thought that maybe it might be time to contact my friend, who is the sheriff in this little, what I thought, peaceful town and see if I could offer my assistance. I made contact and we agreed on a meeting at the local café where the fishermen tie up their vessels. My friend Leo, the sheriff, explained how a young man had been taken to hospital after he had rung for an ambulance after waking up in a bath of ice, up to his neck; he had to relatively large wounds in his back. Investigations found that both his kidneys had been removed. The sheriff went on to say how previously four other men in their early twenties had also been admitted into hospital, all with their kidneys removed! The sheriff told me how his department has been baffled and that they have no strong leads to date, but a rumour has it that the kidneys may have been removed so as to sell them on the black market. Leo told me about the statement the victim had given him the day before.

Leo said that the victim's name was Craig, a 23-year-old university student. Craig was still critical, but stable and was able to tell Leo what had happened.

Craig's Statement

"I had gone to Heaven" (The town's only night club.) "with my mate Rob, and that's when I saw the most stunning woman in the room. She had blue eyes, wavy, long, brown hair, pure white skin and great legs. I got up my courage and asked her if I could buy her a drink. Amazingly, she was about to ask me the same question. I had a scotch on the rocks and she had a martini. He name was Lisa and we chatted for a while about her life...

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