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The Myth Of Family And Education

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“Excellent education and an excellent environment are two hallmarks of our state. How we treat our environment is connected to so many other opportunities in Maine”
— John Baldacci, the 73rd Governor of U.S. state of Maine.
Throughout human history, as the most basic social unit, family has always played the irreplaceable role of the cradle of a man’s life and the first and irreplaceable school of social virtues. When children grow up and seek higher education, they depart from the wings of their parents and attend school that is considered to be their second home, which offers more instructions on the philosophy of life. Evidently family and education are two of the most important factors in the development of both individuals and society. For a long time, the popular myth of the nuclear family and the traditional education has shaped humans’ minds and behaviors in a certain way. It sets up a behavior model and provides people with an idealized reference and experience. However, sometimes people put too much emphasis on the bright side of the widespread belief and thus overlook its weaknesses and platonic aspects that could make the myth less tenable.
The myth of the model American family is an age-long and deep-rooted conception marked by certain individual and social-cultural conventions. It involves a nuclear family with a breadwinner father, a household mother and two or more well-behaved children. Everyone is responsible and conscientious of their own roles in order to get along well with other family members and to achieve the goal of the model family. As the head of the family, the father dedicates himself in the workplace to feed the family while the mother spends the daytime trying to keep house spic-and span. Children are supposed to be docile, honest, brave and aspiring as well.
The myth is more than just a definition or a conception. It is the set of rules relating to human behavior, which concern the distinction between good and bad or right and wrong. In the article “ What We Really Miss About the 1950s”, Coontz suggests that the myth is “…a coherent ‘moral order’ in their community to serve as a reference point for family norms” and “even people who found that moral order grossly unfair or repressive often say that its presence provided them with something concrete to push against” (Coontz 28). In some ways the myth of family becomes a compass for consciousness, which provides young and inexperienced parents with advice to solve problems, although sometimes it may not be the most appropriate solution. Bagarozzi, an Atlanta therapist, gives the example of how the myth affects the psychological reaction of a couple after sex therapy. “They were both in agreement that their problem was the husband’s loss of sexual desire for his wife”, however, “on the conscious level”, he suggested, “The wife’s myth was that ‘I...

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