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The Myth Of Pandora´S Box Essay

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The myth of Pandora’s Box has always been one that has caught my attention. According to The Free Dictionary by Farlex, Pandora’s Box is defined as “a source of extensive but unforeseen troubles or problems,” (Pandora’s+box, Farlex). To me, it is very fascinating to think that one person, Pandora, can be responsible for majority of the evils in the world. Also the controversy between hope being a good thing or a bad thing catches my attention. These are some of the main reasons that I chose this myth to interpret. I enjoyed having the liberty to be creative and I found myself making connections and interpretations that I found to be interesting. However, deciding and creating the product was not effortless.
I chose to work with Cicely Wilson on creating the adaptation. With a vast number of myths to choose from, the decision was very difficult. We thought about interpreting a myth about Zeus or Poseidon but those ideas did not seem to attract to us as much as some others. However, after much contemplation and much discussion, I suggested the myth of Pandora’s Box of evils. Once we made the decision, we had to figure out to adapt it. We pondered and came up with some ideas, but nothing that caught our attention. I wanted to be original and creative. After thinking for a few days, a decent idea finally came to me. The central element of the myth is the box itself. I suggested my idea of recreating the box that Zeus gave to Pandora and creating a literal and physical adaptation of the myth. After finding our idea, the research and construction began.
One of the common interpretations of the myth is the biblical story of Adam and Eve. God gave Eve a command not to do something and she did it anyways. This adaptation does not really relate to our adaptation and we did not use this adaptation in correlation with ours, however it is one of the more common ones that people associate with. In relation to a physical interpretation, I found many images of physical boxes that others had constructed to represent Pandora’s Box of evils. PlayStation made a version for the game “God of War III: Ultimate Edition” (God of War III Ultimate Edition – Photos of the Pandora’s Box. 2010) that players could purchase. The box was a gold color that had hands on the outside which made the box appear to be unpleasant. Also many paintings showed a dark box with a monster flying out of the box. We used this adaptation as a reference in creating ours. I did not find a product that had modern elements relating to today’s times. I was searching for a modern adaptation the most because we wanted to be modern, original and most important, to make sure that we do not recreate someone else’s work.
A piece of the myth that confused me and almost made our project more of a challenge than it was already was that in different versions of the myth, the container carrying the evils is called a “pithos” which means jar in Greek and in another version it is called a “pyxis” which is more...

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