The Myth Of The Almighty Dragons And God

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The Myth of the Almighty Dragons and God

An ear-piercing scream rang throbbing through the forest branches.
Twigs snapped and cracked like brittle bones. The gusts of wind
whipped up the smooth sand into blinding clouds of grit, as the white
foam swirled amongst it, mingling together like storm clouds. The
tribe slowed down to a jog and looked warily at their ominous
surroundings. The impending trees' branches entwined like spidery
fingers, clawing at the overcast sky in an upward spiral. Their ears
pricked, listening for the creature’s footsteps. Boom! A giant claw of
hideous jagged blade like nails emerged out of the hidden bush and
petrified the helpless people as the dragon took a deadly swipe at the
tribe. As the majority of towns’ people raced for their lives, they
could hear the sharp shrill screams and crunching of bones in the
background as blood trickled slowly from the menacing mouth of the
dragon as the vulnerable crowd ran for their lives franticly as the
jet black clouds mantled over the horizon. With its mischievous glare,
it struck frozen fear into men’s hearts while its steel like scales
dazzled in the sunlight and helped to keep it armoured. From its fire
breath mouth black, choking smoke blanketed over its prey before its
jagged razor-sharp teeth pierced into the helpless victims. This
dragon was not an ordinary dragon. It was one of many of God’s pets.
God had sent this hideous creature upon the towns’ people for the
supposed crime they had committed.

“He’s coming”, cried Adam in anguish. The whole town leapt like
a flame of fire to their feet and sprinted towards the river along the
sandy bank. Crunch. The dragon had captured almost a quarter of the
population already and just took a quarter more with a vicious
sadistic swipe with his razor-sharp claw. The rest of the town dragged
themselves helplessly across the river and on the other side of the
land. The dragon glanced towards the river and gave a malevolent look
at the survivors and darted off into the forest. “Thank God” Adam
roared as Mary, the leader of the town, clapped him on the back of his
head as the vibrations sent his whole body quivering.

“What was that for?” bellowed Adam.

“He is our treacherous enemy yet you still think he will help us. What
is the matter with you?” Mary retorted.” “Listen up everyone. Our only
option is to stay here for now, as the dragon cannot cross the river
but by tomorrow afternoon he will be here with some of his friends, so
let’s leave tomorrow morning. If you don’t get up in time, then you
will be left behind. Do you understand”, hollered Mary.

“Yes” replied the people obediently looking on in disbelief as they
continued to mourn for the people who did not make it this far.

Mary and the rest of the ill-fated citizens went to sleep. Upon

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