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The Myth Phaëthon In Our World Today

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In our culture today, many aspects of ancient literature can be found within it. One such example of this can be found in the Greek myth Phaëthon. The myth details the story of a boy who is trying to learn the truth of who his father is and eventually is killed. Many questions, truths, and messages that can be found in the story of Phaëthon are present and relevant in our world today. The myth touches on subjects such as, the power of answering questions, the love of parents, the positive and negative consequences of courage, proving one’s self to another person, keeping promises, and being careful what you say.
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Another message that the myth clearly shows is that parents love, care for, and protect their children. In the myth, the sun god decides to prove to his son that he is his father. When Phaëthon asks to ride in his chariot, the sun god also show his skills as a loving and protective parent and tries to talk his son out of doing it because he knows the consequence that could, and did ensue. Though he tried, he did not succeed. Today, many of us have loving parents who want us to be the best that we can be. They help us with school work, give us advice, and show us how to be good people. There are also those who do not know who their parents are, or they do not have a strong connection with them. For example, I am adopt. I know and love my adoptive parents, who I live with now, but I have little knowledge about my birth parents. I may eventually know them and I may not, it all depends.
A third theme that is found in the myth Phaëthon, is courage and the consequences, either positive or negative, that ensue as a result. Phaëthon’s Courage is one of the key parts of the myth. Even though his father advised him that riding the chariot, which is what he was compelled to do, was not safe for him. It is Phaëthon’s courage that ends up getting him killed in the end. This is a perfect example of a negative consequence of using courage. We also see feats of courage today. For example, people in public service such as police officers and firefighters are constantly faced with life threatening situations everyday. Similarly, those serving in the armed forces also show courage while operating in hostile combat zones. With courage, they are able to perform their duties. On the other hand, the line between courage and foolhardiness may be blurred. This is also very relevant to the myth as well as today. Phaëthon may have gone too far with his courage and demand to ride in his father’s chariot. Being foolhardy is being rash, reckless, and may be occasionally stupid. In this case, Phaëthon may have been too reckless especially since he did not have clue as to what he was getting himself into.
Proving yourself to someone was a major part of the Phaëthon myth. The sun god, in the case of the myth, decides to prove to his son, Phaëthon, that he is his father. He...

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