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The Name Game Analysis Of The Power Of Name In The Play "The Crucible" Much Evidence And Support

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The Name Game

"Because it is my name! Because I can not have another in my life!"

How important is a name? According to Webster's New World Dictionary, a name is a word or phrase by which a person, thing, or class of things is known; title. Is this all a name is, a group of letters that make up a word that people know things by? Many people have never taken the time to stop and think that a name is much more than just letters. Proctor's Quotation hones into not only the values of the culture at the time, but his personal beliefs, and the links to modern day society.
The culture at this time in history was much different than the society that we live in, day in, day out. The social structure of Salem, Massachusetts is built on two broad structures, core values and a strong religious affiliation. Running a strict Christian household was the objective of all families. Either a person shall choose to live by the book and devote his life to God, or he shall choose to live his life as an outcast. This person will be outcasted by society as a being who has thrown their life away and is not worthy of existence. John Proctor is a superb example of a well brought up individual who lives his life by the way of God. It might not appear on his rough outer side but it flourishes in his heart.
John Proctor was a character of high integrity and a shinning man of God. His name was one of the most important things he had. Name, to John, was a lot more than just some letters. It contained everything that he had worked his entire life to earn and will be buried with his body. He also believed that religion lay not in the fact that one attended church every Sabbath Day, but that religion should be held in one's heart and in the home. Proctor...

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